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“What? You’ve been locked up for how long?… Wait, when did you get a chastity de -no. No no no. You will not seduce me over the phone. I am still mad at you and rightfully so. Don’t act all slutty for me. I’m not falling for your tricks. …What do you mean dripping? Like piss? …Wait what? From your balls? …Shit that’s h – No! You cut that out, you siren. I am mad at you. An apology only does so much, you shouldn’t have done that in the first place. Don’t use siren tricks on me to erase my mind. I am hanging up the phone. I am hanging up. Call me in a few more days of your lock up and maybe I’ll be more forgiving.” With severe difficulty, Rodrigo hangs up the phone. 

Rodrigo exhales loudly. Fuck. Being angry at his slutty, pussyboi friend-with-benefits is hard as hell, especially when his dick is even harder. Rodrigo has a feeling that beautiful boy is going to run to someone else for needs too. Well, he knows Rodrigo liked faithfulness. If he really wants Rodrigo’s forgiveness, he’ll wait those few days. Rodrigo hopes he waits. He really wants to fuck a boy dripping cum. He didn’t know that was even a thing. Rodrigo grumbles and goes to jack-off. He knows he’s doing the right thing by standing firm, but why does it feel like he’s punishing himself too? 

Text is fictional. This is actor Jesse Metcalfe on Desperate Housewives. Why isn’t there a Desperate House-Husbands?


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