Has the bf let you out of chastity yet?


Yes, he has… Story time! =P


We spent all Christmas with family, except for Christmas day. When we arrived home, he immediately ordered me to undress and get the ropes ready. He tied me in a chest harness, with my arms at my sides. Then he blindfolded me, put on some nipple clamps and used two extra pieces of rope to tie my hands to the bedframe, so I could juuuuust touch myself slightly when he unlocked me. He then edged me for a few minutes and left me squirming there as he spent some time in the kitchen. He came back twenty minutes later and edged me again.. and again… and again…. for quite some time. My nipples got quite sore, so I was quickly moaning loudly as it was at least one and a half month since I came. =$

I asked my boyfriend f I was allowed to cum. 
‘How many times?’, he grinned. Apparently he wanted to negotiate and I was not quite sure what the right answer was. 
‘Two?’, I said hesitantly
Bf grinned again, ‘four, at least’
Those last two words made me shiver. I know how much my boyfriend loves forced orgasms after a long edging. I can cum multiple times in a row fairly easily when I’m jerking off myself, but with my boyfriend in control, I knew every one of them was going to be agonizing and probably ruined. I decided to lower my bet:
My boyfriend said nothing. Meanwhile the touch of only one finger was keeping me on the edge and I was not sure whether to fight against cumming, or to try my best to tense my body trying to spurt a load. Not that I would be able to… In the end it’s always my boyfriend who makes that decision, as he’s perfectly capable of stopping riiiiight on time. I’m such an easy read. >_<
I sighed..
‘Zero then?’
My boyfriend raised an eyebrow: ‘Oooooh so you don’t want to cum? Is that what you’re asking?! You want me to lock you back up?’
I squirmed and didn’t say anything. Lots of thoughts raced through my mind; Yes locking back up would be hot, but bf said I deserved an orgasm and he promised that. Yes I love to finally blow my load all over myself, but my boyfriend would probably ruin it and give me some serious post orgasm torture…. There was no way to win this game, it wasn’t me who was in control.

‘If you can’t make up your mind, I will’, bf said. He took off the nipple clamps and gave them a good rub. I swear I almost came from that alone! Then he started with agonizingly sloooow strokes on my cock. First with a firm grip on the shaft of my cock, then only the tip, then only three fingers.. two fingers… eventually he had me edging with only the tip of his tongue flicking against my glans. The slightest touch would be enough to get me over the edge. He stopped for a minute and started the cycle all over again and I still had no idea if I was allowed to cum or not. He repeated, and repeated and repeated, while I laid there enduring this edging heaven and hell in one. During the final cycle, bf kept his tongue flicking against my cock head. My moaning increased. He didn’t stop. I tensed my legs and arched my back as far as the ropes allowed. He didn’t stop. I shaked and screamed. He didn’t stop. My whole body tensed up as he went over the point of no return, I was cumming hard and still…. He didn’t stop. Fuck it was intense to cum with so little stimulation. Right after I came, I was so incredibly sensitised that my cock hurted from all the stimulation. I was panting and quite blown away by the experience.
My boyfriend noticed that and stopped the post orgasm torture… He took off the blindfold, untied the ropes and laid down next to me with a smile. He hugged me tight and whispered in my ear:  ‘Merry Christmas, dear!’

Wow. Now that is an excellent Christmas present – relief, love, bonding! Even Santa can’t deliver that.


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