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Love love cuddling.

I know he’ll be embarrassed in the morning when my aunt comes downstairs and sees us like this – shirtless, spooning, my bulky arm possessively around his thin waist. I know Brazos doesn’t want to be a stereotype, and that he’s conscious of the gay image he projects. I also know he doesn’t believe me when my I tell him my aunt couldn’t care less.

Now really isn’t the time to be worrying about appearances though. I think it was just his sort of attempt at normalcy. 

I had been following the weather all day, tracking developments from my place on the other side of Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall. I told Brazos to leave Rowlett. He refused, stubborn, cocky, hiding his nervousness. I told him to pack a bug-out bag. He scoffed, but he packed. Then, a tornado watch was issued. Then a warning. I jumped in my pick up truck and sped over to get him. The wind was ridiculous; lightening forked through the dark. I sped into the apartment complex parking lot, leaving skids on the road. I was banging on doors, telling people to move, move, move. Brazos and I jumped into my truck and fled as the tornado roared in the distance.

The power was out in my neighborhood, so we drove a little ways to stay with my aunt near Wylie. Brazos was in shock. He cried for an hour, suspecting the worse. He would only sleep if I cuddled with him. It took a while to get him calm, but I eventually got him down on my aunt’s pull out sofa. By that point, I was so worn out from the adrenaline crash and from taking care of Brazos, I didn’t last much longer.

Tomorrow will be a rough day.

I withheld information from Brazos that came on the TV when he was in the bathroom earlier. His apartment complex was obliterated. I recognized the sign in front of it, but that was all. I’ll have to break the news that his home, and probably his car, are destroyed. We will have to salvage his life from over god-knows how many square miles the tornado scattered his stuff. Luckily, Brazos has his phone, his wallet, and his passport. He’ll manage. One thing is clear though – after this, he is going to be moving in with me. I won’t ever let Brazos be in a position where I can’t protect him again. I was still brushing tears out of my eyes as I fell asleep. 

This post is for anyone in North Texas dealing with the tornadoes. Hope you’re all safe.

Story is fictional. 


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