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Feeling right at home in Seattle thanks to @seabondagesadist

My whole life, I’d been drifting. One apartment to another, one motel to another. Then, one foster home to another. Constantly rotating. Never settling. I barely graduated. Tried college for a bit, but got antsy. I traveled around doing various labor jogs in the gas industry. During the day, I’d work brutal 12 hour shifts and at night, I’d go online and talk to this guy Blake in Washington State. We had a lot in common – same tastes in TV shows, same kinks, same preferences toward men. He liked them a bit furry and well, I happened to be a pretty textbook otter. Soon we moved the conversations to phone calls and text messages, although that soon turned into sexting. No matter where I went, Blake was just one click or call away. I became a little addicted to him. Blake was my anchor.

When yet another job dried up, this one in Alaska, Blake said: “Come live with me.” I was astonished. It had been two years, but we had never met. I expressed some concern and he said, “Well come stay with me until your next job”. I had no where else to go, so I did what I always did and just drifted. This time, south. I hitched in Canada and guess where he was going? Seattle. I felt that I was being pulled there, so I went.

I found myself so excited to meet Blake for the first time. It was a feeling I wasn’t using to experiencing. I was nervous, jittery. Our first conversation was awkward. I couldn’t stop stuttering, nor could I stop staring. The face I’d seen in so many pictures had come to life in front of me. He was far more handsome than any Skype chat conveyed. First date jitters all over again. Blake made me dinner. We both played polite, but by the next night we were both naked in his bed. It was the most comfortable bed I could ever remember sleeping in…well, ever.

After a week of getting to know each-other and falling in love all over again, Blake offered to tie me up. Of course, I had wanted that. I wanted it since Day 1, when I stumbled upon all his beautiful bondage work on his Tumblr. The first time he tried, I came immediately and ruined the session. The second time around, we fooled around for a bit and he edged me for half an hour until I came. That was better. When Blake took out the rope, I was pleasantly still horny but much more calm. 

On went the ropes. On went the mask and the gag. Away went the sounds, the distractions, movement. As I laid there, immobile and restricted, I realized this was the first time I had ever been physically prevented from going anywhere. I was stuck. It felt so secure, so comfortable, just to be some place and not having anywhere to go. I didn’t want to go anywhere either. For the first time, I wanted to stay. I felt a little emotional but forced myself not to react and spoil the session.
Instead, I closed my eyes and drifted into headspace. Blake told me later that I dozed off for a bit and he kept checking my pulse, scared that I was going to die. I loved hearing that, knowing he was attentive and focused on keeping me safe. I don’t remember him checking my pulse at all. I was so deep in a meditative trance that when he untied me out of concern for my circulation – and that it was 2 in the morning – I momentarily could not remember what day it was. I just wanted to cuddle.

I learned something important that night. I had been bucking advice my whole life to just settle down somewhere, but what I had been seeking the entire time was for someone to ask me to stay. I wanted someone to want me to stay. I wanted someone to keep me as theirs. The next day I decided to tell Blake if I ever decided to leave, he was to tie me up again until I changed my mind. But he beat me to it. Over breakfast, Blake asked me if I would stay for good. He wanted me to get a permanent job in Seattle and live with him and share his bed. Poor guy, he was so alarmed when I began to cry.

Text is fictional. This is @pupblaise, all tied up. Source is above.


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