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Day LII (52) ~

… sweet dreams …

“Hey Lou – what ended up happening with your release date?”
“Oh that,” Lou groaned. “Yeah Jack let me out – we had one hell of a hot night – but Jack had a surprise for me after. He wants to make it long term. He’s really into it and taking it really seriously!”
Chet chuckled. “Poor baby.”
“I’m serious. He’s locked me down in serious hardware. Check this out.”
“Woah! Look at all that metal! Shit. Looks super secure.”
“It is, I can’t pull out of it all all. I can feel the weight in my jeans and it makes me horny but I can’t get hard. I can’t get used to it.”
“Well, it looks like you’re going to have to,” Chet said.
“Yeah,” Lou sighs, “I have no choice. He really loves me like this, and lord it frustrates me, but I have to admit – I like the attention.”
“Is that a good relationship though? I mean, would he still be with you if you refused?”
Lou threw his deodorant into his bag. “Hm. Probably. We dated for like two years before he locked me up. I think it’s kind of like a promise ring to him.” He held himself for a moment. “I think in Jack’s way, he thinks it’s kind of romantic.”
Chet laughed. “He’s a bit of a weirdo.”
“Yeah a little,” Lou grinned sheepishly. “I’m kind of grateful I guess, that he’s so interested in me for so long. Our sex life is as healthy as it ever was. I like Jack. I’m willing to make a few compromises.”
“What do you get in return?”
“Besides great sex?”
“Besides that.”
“Well, he does the dishes and laundry. God I hate laundry. Which is good, cause I leak all over everything…”
“Ha. He gets to clean up the mess.”
“Exactly!” Lou said, pointing a finger. “Jack knows he can’t ask for everything from me.”
“Well shit man. If you’re happy, then be happy.”
“I am, I am. But ya know what? I kind of like the way it feels. The weight of it I mean. Cause know one knows it’s in there, but me. Well, and you.”
Chet shut his locker door. “Yeah. We’ve have an odd friendship.”
“It’s nice having someone to talk to about this stuff,” Lou admitted.
Chet glanced at Lou’s crotch. “Yeah that’s kind of a specific thing. You think my boy would like something like that?”
Lou blinked, “Roger? You’d have to find a really tiny one.”
“Do they make those?”
“I dunno. I’ll ask Jack.”
“Thanks man, I really appreciate that.”
“No problem. Anything for a friend.”
“Hey Lou.”
“You’re um, leaking a little.”
“What?” Lou glanced down. “Ah shit. So soon? Crap! This metal thing is pure evil!”

Text is fictional. Source is OP I think.


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