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Cute pup with cute ink

I woke up cause someone stepped on me. I jerk and flail. “Jesus, Johnny! I’m up! I’m uup! …Ok tone down the cute, I haven’t had coffee yet.”
I run my fingers through my hair and wipe crud out of my eyes. Jonathan drops the toy on me and barks, bouncing on the bed, butt wiggling. 
“Pup mode huh. Jesus, Whyyy are you such a morning pup?”
Juju pushes the bear toward me with his nose. I pick it up and furrow my brow. I don’t recognize this. 

Juju gives me a goofy look and barks at me. I glance at my phone. “Hey, today’s my birthday isn’t it?”
That sets him off and he bounces on my bed on all fours. “Woah there, woah there! Dooown boy. Down. Down. Good boy.” I look at the bear. “Is this for me?”
“Bark bark bark!”
I smile. It’s really cute. I press my own nose to it and lord it smells just like my pup. He must have slept with it. It makes my heart flutter and my cock a little hard. 
“Thank you boy.”
I get kisses for that, and I pull him into my arms so I can scratch his back vigorously. Juju groans into my neck and drools in me as my nails work him over from shoulders to hips. At his butt, I give that X on his hip a few good swats. It’s my favorite of his tattoos. We wrestle for a moment, but Juju is interested in something else.

Juju definitely doesn’t seem interested in sex right now though. Instead, he tugs on the comforter with his teeth and nuzzles me, trying to get me out of bed. I dutifully get up. Juju then herds me to the bathroom and sits at the doorframe while I relieve myself and get ready. He can barely sit still. 

I pull on a pair of shorts and begin the walk to the kitchen, making sure to take my new bear with me. Juju bounds ahead of me, excited. When I walk into the dining room, I see why. The kitchen table has been set like something out of a movie. Flowers bloom in the middle. Water and tea are all offered next to mysterious plates wrapped in tin foil. I peel them off with a smile and reveal one hell of a breakfast – waffles, eggs, bacon, and of course, strawberries with whipped cream. There’s a candle in the whipped cream. A smile splits my face in half. I set the bear next to it.

“Juju did you get up early and do this for me?”
Juju nuzzles me and licks my leg. I kneel down next to him and cup his cheeks in my hand. “I love it, and I love you. I’m going to take my bear to work as a reminder of what a loving boyfriend I have at home.” We kiss and nuzzle and I give him a hug. “Thank you for cooking for me.” 
“Bark bark bark!” 
I ruffle his hair. “I hope it’s still warm!”
Juju makes a coughing motion and looks at his bowl.
“You made this you goofball, you couldn’t fill your own bowl?”
Juju giggles, breaking character. 
“Ok fine.” I walk to the counter and prepare a plate for my pup and set it down next to my chair. My boy devours it much like a lion would a zebra, but I take my time with mine. I cherish my food, admiring every crumb and grain of salt and every flavor, the color of the strawberries and the strength of the tea. Jonathan knows exactly how I like my food. Apparently he did such a great job with it he got so excited he pupped out. Pleasing me means that much to him. I l bend down and give him a sticky scratch behind the ears. “Good boy, Juju. Good boy. I love you.”

Text is fictional. This boy is porn star and general hottie Mickey Taylor. His Tumblr is a wet dream and you should check it out. Also he’s engaged to another porn star and has tattoos on his dick. Not even kidding.


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