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Bobby put the pasta sauce in the cart, finding room for it with the condoms and shampoo and groceries and seltzer water and other things. It had been a long shopping list, and it had been hard to resist temptation. He was not allowed to deviate from the list at all. Bobby texted his Master and let him know he had been a good boy, gotten everything, and was headed to the cash register now.
Bobby made it two aisles before his phone binged. Had his Master forgotten something?
“Hey boy. Forgot to put something on the list.”
“Yes Sir, what is it?” Bobby texted back.
“Halloween candy.”
Bobby gasped.  “Oh Sir you mean it?” He had never been allowed to buy it for the holiday before. Only after, when it was on sale, and two bags only. 
“Yes boy. It is our first year in our new house. You have kept it so spotless and organized. I can’t wait to show it off when we open our door to trick or treaters. So stock up! I want to be The Good House. So have fun shopping.”
Bobby made a happy noise and smiled. “I will Sir! Thank you Sir!” He put his phone back into his bag and turned the cart toward the orange section in the back of the store, trying not to rush. Sometimes a houseboy could be a really fun job. Oh my god there was just so much candy! Bobby took all the time he wanted making the perfect selection. 

Roger burst out laughing when he saw how much Bobby bought. It was clearly too much but Bobby’s excitement was adorable, and Roger thought it would be too mean of him to spank his houseboy for overspending. At the very least, there would be candy in his lunch box until Christmas. 

Text is fictional.


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