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“Dear Sir, I want to be your sub because… well you’re fucking hot, and I have always thought I was the hottest blond bitch ever, especially with my sick tattoos.

And then I met you, Mr. Sex on Legs, this walking tribute to god-like masculinity and sexuality. I knew at that point, I would never be on your level, and my entire post-puberty existence has been based on striving so hard to be like how you are when you do nothing.
Everyone respects you, admires you, you make so many friends, you’ve networked your way to success… what are your secrets? I know I can learn a lot from you, because if not, I’ll be jealous of you my whole life. And I don’t want to be just a hot fuck …ok I really want that, I want you to fuck me six ways from Sunday and then all the way back, but I don’t want to be just another catch you toss back. You can offer me a lot. Improve me. Sculpt me. Teach me to be a man. I like being a boy, but I have to grow up sometime.

It’s not right that I still prefer Lucky Charms for breakfast and like to play kick-ball and my favorite TV show is The Angry Beavers. I’m scared to try new things. You like sushi and True Detective and sea kayaking, and I wanna try that stuff too. You can show me how to put on my big boy jockstraps; show me what it means to “fly” when you get a spanking; show me how denial can be really hot.

I feel like I’m not living up to the full potential of what I can do with my cock or my ass.

Please teach me. Educate me. Train me. Milk me. Humiliate me. Improve me. Keep me out of the pantry at 3 am. Make me to go the gym.
Make me into a new me.



Kenny glanced at the notebook. He screwed up his perfect button nose. “No no no…” he tore it out and crumpled it. He tossed it over his shoulder into the pile and started over. Before the pen could touch paper again, Kenny heard a noise behind him. He looked over his shoulder and realized that the ball of paper had bounced off Julian’s shoe. He gulped. “Sorry, Jules, I’ll get that.” Kenny leaned over to snatch it, but Julian picked it up before he could.

“Working on your writing assignment?” Julian asked.
“Yeah – but – that’s trash, please don’t! Oh god don’t read that,” he begged.
Julian opened the paper ball and read it, while Kenny blushed and groaned on the floor. “I’m sorry, it’s terrible, so please stop reading.”
A smile began to widen on Julian’s face. “Kenny, this is amazing.”
“I know, I’m sorry I…wait, what?”
“This is adorable. Also, sexy as hell that you think this about me.” Julian held up the paper. “This is exactly what I wanted. An earnest, honest, essay about why you want me to be your Dom. I didn’t want some college level paper.

Kenny turned a furious shade of red. “Shit, I’m so embarassed”
“And we are going to fix that.”
Kenny blinked. “You’re accepting me?”
Julian gently folded the letter was if it were a precious document and tucked it into his shirt pocket. “Yes. You have passed the first step.”
Kenny set aside the notebook. He sprung up and wrapped his arms around his fuck-buddy turned boyfriend, and they shared a kiss. “Thank you, thank you so much.”
Julian ruffled his hair. “Alright, hottest blond bitch ever. First assignment is to clean up your paper mess. Second is to clean your room. Then…if you do a good job, maybe we talk contracts; and maybe we can practice standing, resting commands, and walking positions after dinner.“
“Ooo. I’d like that reward Sir. On it!”
Julian watched Kenny clean up the paper vigorously and then run off to tidy his room. Kenny had been a one night stand that had evolved into something much more. It was gonna be fun reigning him in.

Text is fictional.


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