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Aaron Valenzuela by Stephen James

Vasquez glanced over his shoulder, a bit terrified at the reaction he was gonna get from all the men in the audience. There was a painful second of silence, and then applause and whoops. Vasquez’s face lit up. He shook his butt a little more, and the crowd went wild. He grinned. He had been so stunned when he got this job. Every man in the audition room looked a hundred times hotter than he thought he was. But here was, stripping for money, and the crowd loved him!

Vasquez gyrated his hips and let his chest harness jingle. The cheers made his heart sing. Medical school was going to pay for itself! Vasquez shoved his pants down and let the audience get a nice view of everything from his spine to his turkey waddle. The music blared and Vasquez was in the groove.

He knew one day there’d be hotter, newer men, but Vasquez wanted that sweet money as long as the train was running. Also, he was 24. He wanted his ego stroked as much as his dick.

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