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“I…um, I – ” Wait. Why am I panicking? Why is everything shriveled up in fear that I’ve been caught? Isn’t this what I wanted? Isn’t this what I’ve been fantasizing about for so long? This what I imagined, on dark lonely nights, with my cock in my hand. I took so many days to think about the guilt I felt for wanting to be used without any consent, while others suffer legitimately at the hands of rapists. In the end, I couldn’t excuse it or deny wanting to be treating like a lesser being. I want him to shove it inside of me. I want him to breach me. I want it to be tight, and I want it to hurt a little. I want it to feel hot, and stretched, and to feel as if I have no choice but to submit to him. Or any man. I want them all. I want them to give me orders. I want them to take me and objectify me. Haven’t I always wanted to be a whore? Haven’t I always wanted the attention, the loss of control, the borderline abuse? Is it what I really want, or what I think I want. What will happen if I say yes? Will I get HIV? Will I bleed? Will there be more and more men? What if I say no, will they take me anyway? God, why do I want that so badly? Why is it all so thrilling?

It’s not like I’m going to stop staring at their dicks after this. I love watching water pour off of their cocks, watching them jiggle and bounce between their legs as they wash. I love the sight of a naked man. What should I tell them, that if they just show me their penises, they can control me like a robot? Cause they could. I want them so badly.

In the end, the words don’t won’t come out. My throat is tight, my heart racing too hard. He’s kissing my shoulder now, each burning like a brand as they trail up my neck. I can hear my breathing, which seems loud and obvious, even above the noise of the shower. I swallow. Hard. I’m aware my cock is comically erect, jutting forward and up, and slightly to the left. I reach behind me with both hands for Giovanni’s thighs. I brush my fingers against it, then up, blindly navigating. I reach behind and pull him forward, against me. He makes a chuff of surprise. I can hear it, since he’s so close to my ear.
“Oh you do want it huh?” he says, sounding pleased. He pushes his soft member between my cheeks.
I whimper and push back against him. It’s not so much of a whimper of need, but one of surrender. Of helplessness, that I cannot control or stop myself from encouraging him to fuck him. My slight actions invigorate him and he pushes back again.

“Yeah whore, just what I thought. Well you’re going to get what you wanted.”
I cry out as he shoves me against the wall and twists my arm back, pinning it against my spine. The cold tile makes my nipples peak.
“You should have just asked.” He cups my ass then drags his fingers down the cleft. He brushes over my hole and it twitches. This seems to amuse him and he chuckles. “So needy…” he pushes one inside. My body clenches, but it is in play. He works his digit in and out of me, and it feels huge and invasive. A second finger joins, and then a third, and I’m already gasping and hissing and trying to relax.
“You’re so very very tight…this is going to be so much fun,” he murmurs.
Then, they’re gone. I already feel the loss. The fullness. I miss it. He releases my arm but tells me to stay. I do. I hear something open and click shut. I can’t tell what he’s using but I hope it won’t burn.

Then, I feel his strong hand against the back of my neck and something blunt pushing between my legs. I want to be your whore. I remind myself, and my muscles relax. He breaches and the entire shaft of his long cock slams inside of me. In one motion, he is in me to the hilt. I squeeze my eyes tight and tears form in the corners. It does hurt, but it so marvelous, the pain! The sweet, delicious hot blooming pain mixing with the pleasure knotting in my gut! Pre-cum drips out of my cock and smears against the wall. He’s panting just from that and nuzzling my shoulder.
“I like that you’re fighting me a little…but you already know you’ve lost ‘aven’t you?”
I nod. But I feel like a winner, because he’s making my fantasy come true. No condom. No consent. I am his.
He keeps his hand on the back of my neck, one hand on my hip, and begins to thrust. He’s steady at first, as if exploring his new toy, testing angles and positions. I moan and sob and find myself pushing back every time he withdraws.
“Stay still, whore,” he says. I am horrified to find myself looking around, hoping for others to be watching, but we’re sadly alone. There is still time for men to come in. I hope. I feel disgusting, and I love it.

I am open to him now and he realizes this, fucking me in sets of steady thrusts. He will go for a while, then lose his rhythm, pause, adjust, and start over. The hand on my hip reaches around, ignoring my cock, and instead pulls at my balls, pinching them and making me squirm.
“You horny bastard,” he chuckles, as I drool seed onto his wrist. I’m surprised how chatty he is, when I haven’t said a damn thing.

He turns off the water, and the sounds of water dripping and our copulation echo in the shower room. I can hear myself too, as if I am out of body and listening from the locker room, crying out, moaning, groaning, making all sorts of embarrassing beastly noises as he torments my prostate and all my nerves.
“Yeah, yeah yeah!” he exclaims as his orgasm looms near, only in his English dialect it comes out as “Yeh yeh yeh”. He slams so hard in me that I choke on my own spit. I clamber on the wall for grip, my pruned fingertips sticking like lizard toes to the wet tile.
He’s taking me so hard, that I have nearly gone numb. I gurgle, and then gasp as his semen floods inside of me. It’s like lava pouring out of his tap, gallons of it it seems, filling the entirety of my bowel. I imagine his balls to be enormous and heavy and I shudder to think he’s put all of its content in me. “Oh god,” I sob.
He doesn’t seem to have realized I’ve spoken. He’s resting his forehead against the back of my neck, breathing low and slow. Both his hands are on my waist, and he’s giving me slow thrusts to milk the last drops out of his cock. Suddenly he hisses and pulls out. “Fuck, sensitivity,” he grumbles. The plug is gone and his seeds pours out. I hate that. I wish he would stick his thumb back up and plug me. To my relief, he reads my mind and pushes his batter back inside of me with his fingers.
“Oh very, very nice, you look so beautiful with my cum all over your asshole.” He pets me there and I tremble, and ejaculate all over the floor with a cry.
“Woah!” he says, stepping back. He laughs. “You even cum like a dirty whore, just losing it all over the place when a man touches you on your cunt.”
My chest is heaving like I’ve run a kilometer. My head is spinning, and the room is turning in circles. I feel like I’ve been put through the wash cycle. It doesn’t feel like I’ll ever be horny again, then-

Then I hear the other voice.
“What’s all this then?”
“Oh, I just had him, that’s all. He kept staring at my cock, so I just gave the whore what he wanted.”
“Did you now?”
“Aye I did. He loved it too. Still cant move,” he snickers.
“Well now that’s mighty interesting. He’s stared at my cock plenty.”
“Why don’t you have a go at him then? He’s plenty sticky inside, but I don’t got no diseases or what not.”
“Oh you warmed him for now? How nice.” The man’s voice is deep. He sounds huge. I don’t dare to look, but I just close my eyes, and hope, and pray… and then there’s a hand on my hip.

I shouldn’t appear too eager, but I am trembling in anticipation and he can sense it. When he breaches me, he isn’t delicate, and I melt against him so we can move together. He likes this and puts an arm around my waist, I reach back behind him.. It’s like being taken by a bear. My balls are empty and my cock bounces at half mast in front of me. They have reduced me to a sexual being for their entertainment, and I never want it to stop. I will always be a whore.

Text is fictional. The original poster’s Tumblr has been deleted so if anyone knows what movie this is from, lemme know. A reader has informed that this is from the short film Homophobia. It doesn’t end like this story, trust me.


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