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Getting dressed for Thanksgiving Dinner is taking forever. Your family is probably wondering what is taking so long. You were just gonna throw on any comfy shirt and some nice jeans, but then your sister brought over a friend from college… a male friend. A hot Australian male friend, and not only that, but a hot bisexual Australian male friend. So of course, he out-dressed you just by showing up looking handsome and striking. All six feet of him in pressed slacks and cashmere. You never felt so juvenile in your life; first impression ruined in an instant.

So hence, why you were in your bedroom making these important decisions. You finally picked a pair of pants, and had moved onto the underwear. This was your best jockstrap, and the most expensive. It lifts your ass and turns your sloping cheeks into round globes. It makes you feel instantly sexy, much like you imagine a pair of heels does for a woman. You examine yourself in the mirror and cannot find a bad angle. God, it makes your cock look twice as big! You tuck in a ball that’s escaping and nod. Good, this will work under your best slacks.

However, you cannot help but puff your cheeks and sigh. This will only work if he actually gets your pants off. If he doesn’t, he’ll never see it your package on display like this. That’s going to be the challenge. You have a loose plan – get him a little tipsy, be friendly, and try your best not to make metaphors about “stuffing his turkey”. You cringe. That won’t work. You want him to fuck you anyway. You want that hot Australian guy to pin you to the bed and boss you around with that incredible accent.

Shit! Look you down. You can’t get an erection this early. You dig out your plastic chastity device and slip it on, securing it with a plastic tie. You can always slip into the bathroom to take it off before anything sexy happens.

You pull on the pants and pick out a shirt. Much better. You look good. Your ass looks great. You come downstairs to greet a flurry of relatives. In the mess of everything, you don’t get to talk to the Australian guy until later. You’ve missed the dark looks he’s been giving you all night. He knows there’s something about you he likes, he just can’t figure out what it is. Your confidence, your assertiveness. Your ass in those slacks. He’s never been so bothered by an American boy before, and he doesn’t know why it’s happening.

You are relieved that you chose to put on that chastity cage because you’re now suddenly horny for no reason. Every time you look at his chiseled face and frame in that sweater you just want to pounce on him. Not being able to get a hard-on is making you even hornier, and as the dinner marches on, you feel sluttier and sluttier. You know after everyone leaves that you’re going to be spending the evening with your dildo.

Except that never happens…cause when everyone is busy with coffee and pie, you excuse yourself to use the bathroom. The Australian says to the table he’s going to go too, just to know where it is, and no one is any wiser to his plan. He catches you in the bathroom and the tensions explode. There isn’t any time to unlock the chastity device, but it doesn’t matter. Once he finds it in your jockstrap, his hormones pulse at full blast. He pins you down with your hands behind your back, and teases your straining dripping cock with his fingers. He is fascinated and uncontrollably aroused by the sight of you. You were never allowed to remove your device, neither the first or the second time he fucked you against that counter. …

Nor the third, fourth, or fifth time he had you overnight. You two barely got any sleep, and he left you barely able to walk by the time he left with your sister, back to their college. What was most frustrating at all was that you were only allowed to cum hands free, and it was somehow the most infuriating and satisfying sex you’d ever had in your life. When your hole recovers, you plan to use it as a masturbation fantasy for weeks.

You remember the instructions he gave you – to keep your cock locked, and to send him pictures. Updates. You were going to obey. It was too hot not to. They were coming back for Christmas, and you wanted to show that hot Australian guy what a good American boy you could be. You knew you were probably supposed to feel a little shame about being such a whore for a guy you barely met, but when such a tempting cock is attached to such a fine specimen, your legs just fall open. As long as he kept bossing you around, they would stay open long past New Years.

Text is fictional.


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