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Jonathan arrived home promptly at 6:45. He came through the front door, took off his shoes, then went to find his Master. Master Kipling was in the bedroom, so there Jonathan kneeled and greeted him. Kipling acknowledged his greeting, then took out his cock to be serviced. Jonathan obediently sucked him until he climaxed, then cleaned his Master’s cock appropriately. Kipling enjoyed every second of it. He then commanded his boy to strip and dress in his proper pup attire for the evening. Jonathan was relieved to hear this, and with a sigh of contentment, removed his pants and restricting underwear. It felt nice to let his chaste cock have some air.

As he was about to unbutton his shirt, Jonathan heard a noise. His Master watched as his pup scrambled up into the chair to see better out the window. He was admiring his pup’s long feet and even toes when his pup began to whimper. Jonathan craned his neck and wiggled his butt, forgetting the tail plug wasn’t in. The whimpers intensified. His Master was about to ask what was going on when he heard it – the distinct jingle of an ice cream truck.

The whimpering grew to a loud, insisting volume and Jonathan looked at his Master with big pleading eyes. It was a warm summer today, just perfect for ice cream. His Master stared at his pup with an eyebrow raised, watching him become more and more agitated as the truck drew closer. Well, his pup had been behaving lately. He couldn’t think of a single reason to deny him his request. The blowjob had been deeply satisfying too.

“Ohhh alright boy,” he said, trying to hide a smile in his beard. “I’ll give you some change.”
Jonathan made a happy bark. “Thank you Sir!”
“Put on some shorts first.”
Jonathan quickly unbuttoned his shirt and tie, removing them and throwing them over the chair. He went to the chest where he kept his pup clothes and found a pair of white shorts he wore when in service. The ice cream truck was nearly on them now. Kipling dug into his pocket and found a five dollar bill. Jonathan kissed the back of his Master’s hand in thanks before bolting out of the bedroom.

He returned a short while later, looking incredibly pleased with himself, flushed from his sprint. He was licking a creamsicle and holding a fudgesicle in his other hand.
“Two…?” His Master asked.
Jonathan nodded. “For you, Sir. I know you like chocolate.”
Kipling blinked at him. “What a considerate puppy, thank you boy.”
Jonathan beamed and handed it over, along with the change. His Master patted the bed and Jonathan hopped up, snuggling up to his owner as they enjoyed their ice cream together.

When their treat break dissolved into a kissing session, his Master was glad he gave in to Jonathan’s begging. Kissing a creamsicle flavored puppy was like having dessert after dessert.

Text is fictional.


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