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Master Hendricks had taken his pup to the city to get him Lasik eye surgery for his 25th birthday. The boy had vision so terrible that without strong corrective lenses he was borderline blind. The boy was nervous yet excited about the trip into the city and upcoming surgery, and pup mode let him work out his anxiety by being playful and goofy. To Master Hendrick’s relief, his sub kepts down his food and made it through the ordeal without great panic.
After the operation was done, the doctor said the boy had to wear dark lenses to prevent hurting his eyes. The pup didn’t mind. He was amazed at the results and spent a good long while just sitting on the bed and staring at the city scape below with slack jaw. So much detail!

Master Hendricks thought he looked hilarious, on all fours, butt naked but for a pair of shades, so deep in concentration. It was like Cocky Boys had reshot Risky Business for the porno market or something. Master Hendricks began to chuckle and couldn’t stop. When his pup looked at him and tilted his head as if to say ’baroo?’, it made him laugh even harder. “Oh puppy, hold still I’m going to take your picture – I want to remember this for when I’m having a bad day.”

Text is fictional. Boy unknown.


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