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Jasper took his boyfriend Ryan to see the movie he’d been begging to go see. He’d been a good and obedient boy and Jasper thought it was a right reward. They went to a matinee and the theater was half empty; they took a seat in the back. The movie had a good advertising team but began to lose its appeal halfway through. Without anything to distract him from being horny, Ryan began to squirm.

Jasper pulled him into his lap and with great care, unbuttoned his pants and worked the zipper down without a sound. He slid a hand the heat of Ryan’s pants and cupped the locked cock he found within. Ryan arched into his hand instinctively, one of his own hands on Jasper’s wrists – if they got caught…! Jasper didn’t seem to feel threatened. He settled in, seeming quite comfortable. Then, Ryan felt it. Jasper was touching him, but just the tip of his finger and just the slit of skin attainable through the piss window of the chastity cage. He was caressing it gently, over and over and over and over, worrying at it distractedly as he watched the movie.

Ryan bit off a moan. It was just a tiny percentage of skin but his body felt on fire and responded immediately, mistakenly believing all him was being stroked. His cock swelled to a near painful level, pushing hard against the plastic. He whispered a plea for Jasper to stop but he brushed Ryan off and continued to tease him; soon Jasper’s fingers were wet from pre-cum. Soon the excess ran over his digits and dampened Ryan’s underwear.

The skin became quite sensitive and Ryan began to twitch and jolt because the orgasm kept building and building without release. It was becoming harder to mask his breathing, his involuntary squeaks. Jasper let him carry on until he was at risk of embarrassing himself, then he stopped. He cupped Ryan’s balls in his hand and let his hand rest, enjoying the feeling of the full things throbbing in his hand. Ryan was sure he’d make it through the rest of the movie like this until Jasper began to rub his thumb against his sac. The pre-cum began to drip again and he was mere seconds away from begging for a fuck, for some relief, an end to this delicious misery…. but Jasper had more wicked ideas.

He unzipped his coat pocket and took something out in a plastic bag. It was hard to see what it was in the dark theater, but when Jasper pressed it into Ryan’s hand – he knew what it was: the longest, thickest plug he owned. Jasper’s husky whisper filled his ear. “Go to the bathroom and put it inside of you. There’s a packet of travel lube in there. Work it until you began to drip again, then remove your underwear, put them in the back, and come back to me.”

Ryan had no option but to obey, as his other choice was to sit there frustrated out of his mind. At least being full would help take the edge off and push some of the cum out of his heavy balls. He felt bad though, for the guy who heard him groan when the plug popped in – he left the bathroom so fast he practically ran.

Ten minutes later, Ryan returned to his boyfriend with mincing steps. Every move he made pushed the plug against his prostate, clouding his mind with lust and desire. His cock ached and his pre-cum now ran down his thigh. Jasper tucked the bag with his underwear in it back inside his jacket as if it were a cellphone or a wallet.

“Good boy,” he murmured. Ryan was sure this was nearly over; the movie was coming to a close. He would survive sitting plugged for another fifteen minutes…as long as he didn’t move. Then, then Jasper reached over, slid his hand into Ryan’s pants, and began to tease his dick through the slit again. There was nothing he could do except bite back the moans.

It was the longest movie ending in Ryan’s life, but it was marginally improved by how horny he felt. He was entirely sure he’d be fucked by Jasper in the car, or taken home and fucked, or fucked ere in the bathroom… but Jasper was evil and with a casual air, mildly informed Ryan they were going out to dinner afterwards. Ryan groaned. His balls felt like they were going to explode, but it wasn’t Jasper’s concern when Ryan got to come or not. Milking could always be done later, after a nice slow dinner and drinks. Or perhaps not at all. He would hate to spoil the pent up seed and take away Ryan’s reason to beg him for a morning fuck. …and Jasper did like to hear Ryan beg.

When they were in the parking, Jasper noticed his boyfriend was lingering so he  gave Ryan a swat on the ass, pushing the plug right into his gland. Ryan cried out in ecstasy and fresh hot seed ran down his leg.
“Come on love, hurry up now, or we’ll miss our reservation.”

Text is fictional. I think this is kinkilike.


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