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A houseboy enjoys the attention of his Master’s young guest. He never thought about serving the guests this way, but the more Peterson teases his nipples the more the urge to protest ebbs away…. He likes the hand on his ass, likes being held in place in a man’s lap. The houseboy looks over at his Master for approval, direction. His Master smirks and raises his wine chalice in acknowledgement then glances at his guest. “Peterson, dear, I know you must be terribly pent up after your long journey but save his virginity, I have not taken it yet.”
Peterson groans. “You lay out a feast, but give me a sugarspoon to eat it with.”
The house Master tsks. “He is not yet ripe, but his scent says he is fruiting. You may ravish him in any other way, just do not spoil him.”
“It frustrates me, but I’ll behave myself. Best you take him soon, or other predators will no doubt steal your prize.”
An eyebrow goes up. “That ‘prize’ is branded and owned with papers, mind you, no fool would risk that that for one night of copulation.”
Peterson smiled. “Mmm…but you haven’t tasted these nipples and listened to him pant. A lot of logic escapes the mind when there’s a horny boy in your lap.”

The Master chuckles. “Aye of that I can agree. Hence why I’m going to watch you both…it is a most enjoyable view.”
“You hear that houseboy?” Peterson asks, nibbling on his ear. “We best give your Master a show or he will be ever so grumpy tomorrow.”
“He is adorable when he’s grumpy though,” the houseboy adds, daring to be a bit cheeky.
“Boy, do not say such slanderous things. I am not.”
Peterson laughed. “Oh yes you are. But we’re going to make him a happy man aren’t we? Now houseboy, let’s see…what’s between your legs hm?”

Text is fictional. Watermarked.


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