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“Mmnh! …Ehn? Oh – mnn…hey – hey babe, when did you get home?” John slurs, groggy.
“About a minute ago. Did you not want me to wake you? See, I thought you were Sleeping Beauty and had to be kissed awake by a Prince…”
“Ha – is that so? Mnn I don’t mind being kissed awake by you, but you’re not a Prince…”
“Yeah I am, I got a Prince Albert to prove it.”
John can’t help but chuckle. “Touche. Ok, Prince Brian, well you are gonna be disappointed but I am not Sleeping Beauty. I look like hell today and I’m pretty sure Sleeping Beauty has a pussy.”
“You are always handsome to me and you have a pussy too, in your own way…right between your legs too. All I thought about all day.”
John groaned. “Will you stop being so sexy and irresistible? I can’t nap with an erec- tion!” John’s voice hitched as he felt his boyfriend’s prominent bulge rub against his own.
“You’re all soft. It’s not a true happy-ever-after if some things are still asleep.” Brian said, still kissing him, one hand roving over John’s flat stomach.
“Well you’re doing a good job with waking it up…”
Brian’s act began to slip. “Please let me take you,” he begged, “All I thought all day was you beautiful and naked…horny and dripping… begging under me as I fill you over and over. I had to masturbate in the bathroom today just to get through my classes.” He dipped his head and latched onto one of John’s nipples.
John cried out in surprise as the sharp sensations went right to his groin. Well, there was no salvaging the nap now.

“Oh man!” he gasped, trying to find his voice again, “Well- …well, Prince Brian, you missed one important detail about that particular fairytale. It all started when Sleeping Beauty touched a prick with her fingertips.”
Brian grinned, impressed by the pun. “Now, that’s a clever boy. You want me to pet you hm?” He dropped a hand to rub circles over John’s groin, “And then you’ll open up for me?”
“You gotta say the magic words,” John insisted.
“Wish granted,” he smiled.

Brian attacked John’s mouth with eager, happy kisses, then slid his hand down into John’s basketball shorts.

Text is fictional. I think this is Cocky boys? The guy with the flower on his neck is Jake Bass.


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