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“Hey – you should blink, or your eyes are gonna fall out of your head.”
At first, I don’t even realize it’s coming from his mouth. I can’t see it moving, tucked demurely behind his shoulder. I look up at bright blue eyes watching me back.
“Uh,” I cough. I blink a couple times and try to be less obvious that I’m just gawking. “Um… who are you?”
I can see his face muscles pull into a smile. “You don’t remember? My friend abandoned me at a bar for a hot piece of ass, I was a bit drunk, you were drunker, and suggested I crash here.”
“I see.”
“Your sofa is awfully comfy, mister, it was mighty kind of you.”
My eyes drift lower and rest on his ass bursting out of that tiny pair of underwear. I furrow my brain. What a minute… “Where did you get those briefs?”
“Oh they were on the table. It was so warm in here with the sun coming through that I took off my clothes, I can’t sleep nude because anything rubbing against my dick makes me soo horny.”
I swallow, hard. I wanted to see him horny. “Those…those pairs on the table were samples VulnerableMale sent me, all in their smallest size…”
“Yeah I barely fit,” he chuckles, “My big ol’ balls are just busting out.” He moves onto his stomach more so he can lift his ass and show me. I bite my lower lip and suppress a noise of desire.

I cough and clear my throat. “Are you not bothered by the fact you’re sleeping on the sofabed of a complete stranger?”
“You’re not a stranger,” he replies, stretching. “You told me alll about you on the cab ride over here. You told me about how much you love boys, about your really annoying boss, this cute little Italian place near where you live with the hot waiters, about Jake-:
"I told you about Jake?” I wince, wishing the Aleve I took from my headache would hurry up and work since it was getting worse.
Those big blue eyes blinked owlishly at me. “Yeah, you did. Sucks it didn’t work out, but I think you’re ready to move on.”
“Oh yeah, I really think you just need to pick up a hot guy at the bar, get him to show his ass to you…and soon you’re gonna forget all about Jake once you remember that one night stands and hot meaningless sex are the best things ever.”
I nod, hypnotized by his honey sweet voice. “Yeah I used to fuck all sorts of random guys before Jake…nights of just hot fun. But – it’s not night anymore.”
He chuckles, “Well, let’s invent the one morning stand hm? You got a big chub in those pajamas. God, just get over here big stud and fuck me!”
I nearly drool. I can’t wait to get my hands on that tight underwear and cup him. Drunk me has excellent taste. “Let me get a condom, then I’m going to bang you like a screen door in a hurricane.”
“You fucking better. Been waiting since last night for it! I want to feel every bump on that train back to Leeds!”

Text is fictional. Brand of underwear is Cover Male; this is one of their ads shot by Patrick Mark. This is the Waisted Up Bikini in turquoise.


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