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Since I moved in with Adam, I’ve never been late for anything. Won’t my friends be surprised to learn that I’ve stopped using my alarm clock. No blaring noises, no snooze button. Adam’s sex drive wakes him up right after dawn like clockwork, so all I have to do is sleep naked and I’ll be gently roused by cuddles and sweet kisses to my ear and neck. Of course, if I don’t get up, his hands start to slide down under the sheets to find my half hard cock and stroke until I’m moaning too hard to go back to bed. When his fingers rub the tip of my penis, I become wide awake and desperate as hell for my morning fucking. I’ve been addicted to it, like Pavlov’s dog, needing it the way people need their morning coffee.

It’s a wonderful way to awaken – Adam’s pheromones filling my nose and his panting in my ear and his rigid cock rubbing between the clefts of my ass. Once he reaches peak frustration, I make him wait -and wait a little more – before telling him “yes” and he buries his slick cock in me to the hilt and cries out in pleasure as my velvet passage squeezes his swollen member. We toss the sheets off because it’s suddenly way too hot and the rush of sex has gripped us hard.

He puts his weight on my back, puts his hands over mine, and claims my body. It’s a daily devotional for him, almost in a religious way. Well, I think so, considering how many “oh gods” I hear. We probably spend more time doing foreplay than actual sex, because he’s horny goddammit and not built to last. Soon I’m arching up against his thrusts and he’s pounding me and replenishing the bruises on my hips. I’m thirsty and hungry but don’t dare move as he pumps the last drops of cum into my tense ass.

Coming down from actually coming is my favorite part. We’re braided together, slick as fish, and we both need a shower, but it’s in these moments I feel so bonded with him. It sets the precedent for my day, knowing I got a man at home who cares about me and marks me first thing in the morning. Someone cares about me, adores me. He always tells me just in case I’ve forgotten: “I love you to pieces, tiny, tiny little pieces.”

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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