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You can’t say “no”, and there won’t be any “no"s, not when he’s looking at you like that. There won’t be a yes either, you’ll just sigh in acceptance and unzip your pants because you never had a choice anyway. You look around though, before the clothes come all the way off.

The bedroom isn’t clean. The laundry is still on the line. He hasn’t done his chores, or made dinner, or made the bed. You don’t even think he stripped the bed before he did laundry. He’s slacking off for sure, and you swore you’d spank him more to keep him in line; but you’re standing there, looking at him, and realizing that somehow he’s hoarded all of the control. As long as he presents that round butterball ass to you, ripe and clean for a fresh fucking, it doesn’t matter that he’s breaking rules because you can’t say no. Even if you do, your sex drive sure won’t. It’s hard to be a firm disciplinarian when your cock and your heavy balls are betraying you every step of the way.

You swear, as you grab the lube, that tomorrow won’t be like this. Tomorrow you’re gonna start getting serious with him. Really. Just, not now. Tomorrow.

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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