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Kirk had lost track of how many times they’d had sex. This wasn’t like those countless times other mornings they spent together in bed, naked and intimate. Something was different. The air was thicker, headier. Kirk swept his hand over the knot of Ben’s shoulder muscle, over his collarbone and up his neck to cup his jaw. He gazed deeply into the eyes of the sweet man that captivated his attention and time. Ben looked up at him inquisitively, his own hand massaging Kirk’s bulging pectoral. Kirk moved in to kiss him, and Ben submitted to his lips. Kirk took a deep breath and nuzzled his boyfriend’s jaw. He knew right then of something that he’d been unsure of for a long time – that there would be nobody else.

“I love you, Ben Miller,” he murmured, jostling the words loose from his tight throat.
Ben paused exploration of Kirk’s body at the declaration. His mouth fell open, then closed tight. He swallowed. His lower lip trembled and he began to weep.

Text is fictional. I think this is from Sean Cody.


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