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After an intense pain-pig training session Master comforts HIS property. Using pain and pleasure to manipulate HIS slave, Master Mike expresses HIS absolute dominance with HIS mental attitude of absolute superiority and control.

“You made me very proud today. Master Will told me he was impressed with you, and I’ve never heard him say that about anybody. I know your back, your balls, and your butt are throbbing. When we get home I’ll put some cooling salve on, and while you go out for a piss, I’ll put a soft blanket in your crate instead of that towel so you can rest fully before feeding time.”
“Thank you Sir, it was a pleasure and a honor to serve you with my body and mind Sir. This slave humbly accepts your generosity and will use that time to rebuild my energy and body into something you can use and manipulate again.” The slave tries to keep his voice neutral, but he’s on the brink of being emotional. He loves it, absolutely loves it, when his Master pets him and plays with his hair after a session and talks to him in this low, soothing tone. It means he’s done well, and lived up to all expectations. Nothing can make a slave happier to be fawned on by a strict Master and recognized for hard work.

Master Julian crinkles his forehead. “Boy, if you need to cry, you have my permission to do so. It’s a normal response to an intense session, and you didn’t cry very much after that strapping. Takahashi’s boy couldn’t even make it the whole way through.”
The slave manages a “thank you Sir” before his voice cracks and he begins to make little gasping noises as the tears stream down his face.  Tutting, Master Julian pulls him into a bear hug, minding his back, and rocks him until his slave’s shoulders stop heaving. “There there…that’s a good boy, Exi. Let it all out. Burn it all away until nothing is left but the pillar of your strength and training.”

The slave hiccups, hilariously loud. Master Julian goes over to the sink area and wets some paper towel, then wipes the tears and snot off his boy’s face.
“There we are now. Feel better, boy?”
He nods, his head hanging low in exhaustion. “This slave is lucky to have such a caring Master.”
Master Julian shares with him a private, little smile. “Because this Master loves this slave very much and does not see merit in damaging his property. Mental health is just as important as physical health.”
“Th- thank you Sir, that makes this slave want to work even harder to be worthy of your attention.”
“It’s my job to find your limits, Exi. Just obey orders and the rest will follow. Alright now. Let’s get you home, you need your nap before you fall asleep standing up.”

On the way out of the Dungeon, Master Will pulls Master Julian aside and inquires if he plans to sell Exi, like he did the rest. To Will’s surprise, Julian gently rebuffs his inquiry. Unlike the other five other boys he’d trained and sold – Uno, Two, San, Quatre, and Fimm – something had clicked with number six, he explained. To tear apart the bond between a slave and a Master would be ruinous to them both. Master Will understands this nods. A shame, but at least they can still play together. They shake hands, and Master Julian takes his beloved Exi home to recover.

Master Julian struts all the way to the car, wanting anyone who was in the parking lot to see his marked slave’s body and know that this slave on a leash was unquestionably His.

Text is fictional. Source is from Teen Wolf. The names of the past slaves are simply 1 through 5 in other languages – Spanish, English, Japanese, French, and Icelandic. Exi is Greek. Julian picked those names based on their bloodlines.


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