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“I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“Me neither.” He looks up at me, hands on the elastic of my underwear. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at the White Party? Get to know guys, try new things?”
I swallow and nod. “I think it’s a good start, you know, for us people with less experience.”
He smiles and pulls down my underwear. I vocalize a sharp take of breath at the thrill of my cock being exposed like this. I grip the desk, watching him look at me. He is at eye level of my cock. He takes a long time. “Wow I’ve never seen another man like this, up close.”
“Is it ugly…?” I dare to ask.
“No I think, it’s quite beautiful. You have such wonderful length, I love the way it widens just before the head. Mm you’re cut too, that’s good.” He’s so close to my glans now I can feel his breath on my sensitive skin. I’m so nervous I can barely do anything besides grip the table as the blood pours into my cock like a broken water line.

He looks up at me, as if giving me one more chance to change my mind, but when I do nothing except stare, he gives me a smile and puts his mouth around my cock. My jaw drops and wordless moans get stuck in my throat. It is a very strange sensation. His mouth is wet, there are different textures – his tongue, his cheeks, his palette, the hard edges of his teeth. I’m trying to comprehend that he has put my sex organ in my mouth and how it can feel this wonderful. I curl my toes as he applies gentle suction and his tongue begins to lap at the slit of my cock. I got an erection so quickly it has left me so dizzy I nearly faint. I’m suddenly 13 again and helpless to testosterone.

I watch, mesmerized, as he closes his eyes and enjoys my penis. He lets his own lids droop and he bobs his hand while tasting me. After a moment, he puts a hand at the base of my cock to stabilize it; the other hand gently tugs on my sac. My eyes roll back in my head. Normally the sucking and light gagging sounds would have disgusted me, but I find them terribly erotic now. I have no idea if he’s awful at this or blessed at oral skill, but it’s the best thing anyone had done to me in my life.

Here I am at 28, in Palm Springs, receiving my first belated blowjob from a strange but pretty young man from Des Moines. Life as a paralegel back in Austin seems a mere hallucination now. I never want it to stop but the orgasm builds too fast. I yelp out a warning but it was too late – I came in his mouth. He pull back, my seed spilling over his tongue and chin, and I shoot the rest on his cheek. He squints his eyes closed as my fluids splashed on him. 

I began apologizing immediately, but he licks at me and with a strong hand, milks the rest of the cum out of my shaft. I gasp and twitch as his clever hands wring me dry. The remaining white stuff dribbles to the floor. He continues to play with me until it’s too sensitive and I plead with him to stop. It’s only then he releases me and plants little kisses on my thigh.

“I’m so sorry, I should have warned you I was going to cum.”
“No, it’s alright,” he smiles, wiping cum off his cheek with the back of his hand, “I made you lose control. I’m very flattered. I could feel the vein under your cock just pounding away, I knew you weren’t going to last very long.”
“Oh…” I say, my voice falling, “I’m sorry I disappointed you.”
“What?” he scoffs. “No you didn’t disappoint me. I enjoyed blowing you very much. I like sucking more than I thought I would actually. I could have kept your cock in my mouth all day, your scent was giving me quite a buzz.”

As I soften, the shame starts to encroach on my emotions. I’m here in a hotel room with my underwear down and my seed on a stranger’s face. Oh god.
“I still feel bad,” I insist, trying to tug up my underwear with one hand.
He puts his hand on mine. “Are you ashamed?”
“A little,” I admit blushing.
He smiles again, knowingly. “You’re so adorable, I love shy boys with big dicks. Let’s go take a shower. You can pet me.”
Despite my reservations, I find his sweet words magnetic. “I can?” I ask. “It’s…ok if I touch you?”
“Honey, I’d be offended if you didn’t. This is Palm Springs. You see a dick you like, you go after it. You approached me, but I blew you first…so yeah, I want you to reciprocate. I’m dying of curiosity how you’re gonna make me cum.”
“You think I can make a man cum on my first try?” I pull at the short hairs of my beard.
“I did the first time I gave a blowjob, didn’t I?” says the man from Des Moines, all coy, now standing in front of me and playing with his erection.

I must be blushing because he’s chuckling. I’m at a loss for words.
He lightly takes hold of my wrist. “Come on, come play with me in the shower. Wash my dick clean, get all that desert sand out from every crevice, tease me with your hands, make me all slick and wet…”
I groan. My lust for men is going to be my downfall. When he pulls me toward the bathroom, I fall behind him like an obedient lamb.

Text is fictional. I think this is Gabriel Clark and Max Carter from Cockyboys.


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