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Being a bartender is a stressful job in a loud environment, but it does have some unexpected upside. This guy came in with two other friends, and they were obviously tourists judging by the maps and cameras they had slung over their shoulders. They ordered their drinks, and wasted no time gossiping in Dutch about “fat Americans” and “greasy food” and our ‘horrible biking infrastructure". One of the bitchier girls noticed that her other male friend wasn’t really participating – he was watching me tend bar. I of course, pretended not to notice even though he was pretty cute, but it was hard to ignore when – to my shock – he began to talk wistfully about how he wanted to fuck me.

I played dumb but nearly dropped the glass I was holding. He carried on about how I’m probably not even gay, just another dumb straight American frat bro who doesn’t know a thing about wine or good sex. He said there’s no way, even if I were gay, that I’d ever fuck a Dutch guy …but I had a great ass and strong hands, and it was a shame anyway. His friend tried to make him feel better, but their conversation soon turned into playful but vulgar banter. They were guessing my cock size, if I were cut or not, how big my balls were, if I were a top or bottom – things like that, until they were all tipsy and laughing.

I waited patiently, my cheeks growing redder by the minute, until they finally asked for their tab. To my delight, my favorite young man with the shorn hair paid. When I gave him back his card and receipt, I waited until he reached for it, then trapped his hand by covering it with my own. In fluent Dutch, I replied, “For your record, I’m reversible, I’m just over 4 inches soft and about 6 and a half inches hard; my balls are pretty decent sized, and I indeed have a great ass. No, I don’t really like spanking, but I do like sex frequent and often. If you want to fuck me, my number is on the back.” Then I winked and walked off to go wash glasses, leaving them stunned and agape. The young man turned bright red.

They gathered their property and made a hasty exit. My co-worker was laughing so hard she had to sit down once I had explained what had just happened.

I honestly didn’t expect the little darling to call me, and he didn’t – but he showed up at my bar the next night alone. Diederik told me that he couldn’t figure out how to make a phone call in America, with a sheepish grin plastered on his face. He apologized for his behavior the other night, and I supplied him with free drinks. Diederik eventually admitted he had broken up with his long-term boyfriend before the trip and was lonely. His boyfriend had been cheating on him and lying to him, and Diederik wanted to clear his head by coming to a new place. It had worked, and by god, was he horny.

He stuck around. When my shift ended, I asked, “Still want to fuck me?” We made a hasty retreat back to my place, and we barely made it inside. We were kissing and groping in the elevator. Once in my apartment, we made a bee line to the bed. I threw my belongings onto the comforter and our clothes were cast to the floor. He pushed me onto my back and sought my mouth, pressing his weight over me.

Diederik was chatty, murmuring how gorgeous I was, how nice I smelled, how my cock was perfect, how I was making him crazy with arousal. I told him where the lube and condoms were and that’s all the instruction he needed. Poor Diederik, he was so backed up. He fucked me so hard that I began to fear the bed was going to break, but then once the fever was out of his system he slowed to a steady rhythm. I would be plenty sore tomorrow, but now? I was loving every second of him thrusting in and out of my body.

Maybe there’s a Dutch secret to fucking I hadn’t been taught, but his technique! Oh god, his technique! I’d had my prostate nudged before, but Diederik’s cock pushed this button deep in me that sent pre-cum gushing from my body. The way he used his hips, his back, his tongue – I wrapped my legs around him, never wanting him to stop using me as his fucktoy. 

I squeezed my eyes shut as I came, digging fingers into his back while curling my toes. The orgasm Diederik blessed me with was the first one that made me momentarily lose consciousness. I didn’t even realize it until I felt his hand patting my cheek and I heard someone talking to me in concerned Dutch.

“Hey…Hey are you alright?”
“Wha?” My head felt like it was full of oatmeal. The sexual tension had dissipated, but I felt a void. “What happened? I came, didn’t I?”
“Yes,” he said.
“Are you still in me?” I asked.
“Mmm put it back in me.”
He chuckled, “It’s too sensitive and too soft…and I already took off the condom. But as soon as I’m horny again, I will.” He bent over me again, setting his damp cock next to mine, and then he laid on top of me and nuzzled me under my chin. “I feel so cleansed.”
“Mmm if only you know how I feel,” I laughed. “I just got the best fucking of my life from some Dutch guy who talked shit about me in my bar.”
“Hey! Most Americans can’t speak Dutch, alright? How do you know Dutch anyway?”
I smirked. “My mother. That’ll teach you not to assume.”
“It also teaches me that I want to fuck more Americans.”
“…Can’t you just fuck me a lot instead?”

Diederik pretended to consider this in depth. “Hmmm…I guess so.”
I swatted him on the shoulder and chuckled. “You are gonna spend the rest of your vacation in my bed if you aren’t careful.”
Diederik kissed my jawline. “Mmm. I’d like that.”

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