Call for new sources!

I’m starting to feel like I’m starving for material to caption. I’m following 70 blogs right now, but few update as frequently as I post. Most of what is on my dash is still shots of naked guys standing there being naked with the same expression on their faces. Now, that’s a fine sight in its own right – I mean, cock, come on – but those pictures don’t inspire captions.

My best captions come from photos that appear to be stills from a scene, those with interesting facial expressions or natural poses/backgrounds. Often stills from porn videos and gifs are great for this, the less staged the better. I could definitely use a source featuring collared boys or beautiful nudes.

If anyone can recommend some Tumblrs to check out, please PM them to me. And feel free to submit pictures.

PS: – I’m already following lockedndenied, indianatractorboy, thehomosexuallyfrustrated, dominatingpowerbottoms, femme4masc, and wizmutt.

PPS – I have nothing against women, but I would prefer Tumblrs that do not feature sexual scenes involving women. It’s very jarring to be scrolling through my dash in a mood to write and seeing a giant vagina. Actually, I think a giant vagina is jarring anyway, but you get the point..


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