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Damn! you are so tight…

Josh was 35 years old and just lost his job in the ongoing double recession. The only job he could secure to support his family of five was that of a person secretary.

But everybody wanted a female secretary, even at the company where he is presently working, his boss, a young entrepreneur fresh out of business school, though impressed by his work experience and references wanted a female secretary.

Josh tried his best to convince that he can do anything that a female secretary can do. The previous interviewers were not so candid with him, but here Richard (the young entrepreneur) told him point blank that he wants to hire Josh but a female secretary can fulfill his sexual needs too.

Josh sat there and thought about his options for a minute, this could be his last interview and he need this job. He asked Richard what if he does everything that a female secretary will do? Richard was taken aback by the question.

He could sure use a man of his experience and won’t mind fucking him as he has fucked may juniors in college. Plus Josh is a family man and would be a virgin for sure. The thought of fucking a virgin ass gave Richard a raging hard-on. He hired Josh on the spot.

It was on his third day at office when Richard asked Josh to wait till after everyone is gone. He fucked Josh on his own desk, right under the CCTV camera surveillance. By tomorrow everyone from security personnel to janitors knew what male secretaries are for!


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