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Fuck ’em

In the past when I’ve asked for reader output, you guys have mostly been quiet. You guys like your privacy, I’ll tell ya hwat. However, when I asked for your feedback this time about how I run this blog, I got a huge response! Lots of replies and an inbox fuller than a chaste boy’s balls.

Just, wow. So many lurkers too came out to say something. I cannot tell you how much this all means to me. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience. It’s so crazy to me that most of you supported me. Just damn. Thank you.

What I write isn’t for everyone, and time spent trying to convince or convert people who find it weird or gross is wasted time. I can’t help who sees my blog, but hey if they don’t like it they can leave. I’ve reblogged pictures from real people before – chastepup and gayboykink for example – and they need to know that their photos are on a blog that isn’t attracting negative attention to them or their lifestyles. Responding and reblogging the haters is doing just that, so I’m going to ignore them.

Yes, I made a mistake posting something that could be misinterpreted it. Yes, it was stupid. Yes, I notified everyone I could and put up disclaimers. Yes, I apologized a million times. Yes, I’ve sent take down requests to posts on Facebook and Reddit. And I’m done. I’ve done enough. I’m moving on. As Art Alexakis of Everclear once sang, “They can’t hurt you unless you let them.”

There are two groups of people that matter here: my readers, and the people in the photos I caption. The first group has spoken, and I’ve heard nothing negative out of the second group of people so far. Even ElyEl has forgiven me, and apparently they attracted some new readers in the process.

So um, yeah fuck all the haters, just fuck ‘em, in a Brian Kinney sort of way. I’m going to continue writing. Dicks on your dash resume today.