Hi you two. I’m the one who originally wrote the caption of you guys and your cat. I am so so so so so sorry this has happened. The original picture I reblogged did not list your Tumblr as a source. It was only later that I went back and found you as the source – it took me nearly an hour going through Google Image searches. That said – I was naiive and didn’t add a disclaimer. I should have, then I later went back and did. That person who screenshotted it removed the disclaimer. I am so sorry!!


Hi! Its cool! We just wanted to share the real story with everyone. We are not mad or anything like that, you can keep using our photos adding the source. We know you meant well 🙂 sorry about the insults that people are saying to you, we didnt see that comming, it was an honest mistake.


And ElYEl has spoken! These two are so sweet and forgiving, I owe them a big hug of thanks.


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