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“Ohhh fuck yeah, I’m in! – It’s in, it’s in, god baby you swallowed me right to the hilt,” I purr.
“Ah–ow ow! Nng!” he crunches his face up.
“Shit, that was a bit fast wasn’t it? Are you ok, babe?”
“Yeah just…nnng,,” he holds his breath for a long moment and releases it, panting softly. “Gimme a sec. You’re in. You’re actually in me. I ..can feel you, it feels huge.”
I smile. “You flatter me. Are you in pain?”
“No just…I need a moment to adjust. Feels good. Feels hot.” He pulls my face close and kisses me.
I return it slowly while watching his face contort. I can feel him clench and squeeze around me, making my dick swell even more. “Relax, just relax. You feel amazing, babe, like this thick velvety glove around me.” I nuzzle his face, nose to nose. “Can you feel it too?”
“Oh yeah…I can feel it throbbing, the pulse. I do that to you?”
“Yeah babe you do,” I chuckle. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too – there’s no one else I’d trust to do this with. God you feel so huge! Fuuu. There. It – …it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Feels…kinda good, actually, to be full.”
“I can start moving?”
“Fuck yeah,” he replies, getting bold.
I capture his mouth in my own and pull out before pushing back into his body, pressing him against the cool glass of the window. A groan spills from his throat as his ass pulls me in. His swollen cock poking into my stomach dribbles pre-cum down the shaft with every thrust.

I waited two years for him to be ready for intercourse. I used to curse the days I was horny and had nothing to put my dick in, but I’d just tell myself it’d be worth it one day to wait for him. He had to be ready, he had to be horny, he had to offer himself to me; if I rushed it, I would spoil the moment and it’d be lost forever. I’m so glad I waited. My virgin lover has become a man today, not because I was horny, but because he asked me to make him one. He is spread open and hard for me, and taking him is as sweet as I always feverishly fantasized it would be.

Text is fictional. Photo comes from Mr. Jones Films, and the men are Brandon Jones And Dominic Pacifico. More pictures and trailers at an unofficial link here. Original website is flash, so I can’t direct link, but it’s here.


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