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“How’s it fit?” he asks.
“Snug,” I reply.
The vendor looks pleased and gestures to the rest of the wares in the boxes. “Well adjust yourself a little, take your time. Don’t rush it.”

I take his advice, tugging on it, testing how tight it is. I think He’ll like it. I don’t really know what else to do. When you have a fight with a Sir, it’s not like you can apologize flowers and a card. Men like that need more, not hollow symbolism or vague imagery. They need something solid, and blunt, something more than just kneeling naked at their feet. For most gay couples that would be the ultimate sign of submission and trust, but I’m nude all the time anyway and kneeling several times a day in respect is standard protocol.

How do you tell a Master He doesn’t have to be scared? Half the BDSM scene glorifies coaxing subs out of their shells, but no one talks about coaxing out the Masters. My poor Sir. He’s such a natural and it overwhelms Him to feel that urge coursing through his veins. He is shocked to see it staring back at Him when He looks in the mirror dressed for a session.

I want him to collar me. I’ve caught him looking at collars online, but he refuses to talk about it. For the past few years my Master’s kept me at a distance, acts like He keeps me around purely to fuck me, but I know He wants more. He wants Us, he’s just too chicken to admit it.

It wasn’t my place, but I called Him out on it after the millionth time He insisted I’m his “boyfriend” at the bars but his “sub” at home. After our fight, He told me he doesn’t need a mouthy slave and sent me away with the pain of regret fresh in His eyes.

This will have to do the trick. I know my Sir’s had a chastity fetish for a long long time, but He’s never brought it up with me. It’s just one of those things, like the titles, the collar, and talking about our feelings. Once the key is in his hand, He’ll have a physical object that embodies how much he controls me. My Sir will be forced to take care of and supervise my chastity…He won’t be able to stay away from me this way, all tempting and horny. When I’ve snagged Him, I’ll crack Him open and get him to spill all those bottled up feelings. Is chastity therapy a thing? Well I’m gonna find out. He means too much to me to just let it end like this.

“Yes…I’ll take this. Can you help me get fitted with the sleeve please?”

Text is fictional.


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