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Last year, Clyde would have seen this view of a naked man sunning himself on the porch and would have tried to get lucky with him. His attempts usually resulted in annoying the other male though, resulting in being told to “piss off” or “fuck off” or “go away.” Clyde however, made a big change in his life. Now when he sticks his head out, he thinks new thoughts. He gathers up the clothes, shakes them out, folds them, and stacks them in a neat pile. He aligns the shoes next to them, half under the lounger. The beer bottle is empty, so he whisks it away and replaces it with a fresh cold one. Clyde isn’t even sure if his man is even awake, but then he murmurs a “good boy” and he knows he is.
“May I put some sunscreen and tanning oil on your back Sir?”
“Mmm I’d like that boy. Head to toe.”
“Thank you sir,” Clyde beams and he eagerly gets to work massaging the lotions into his Sir’s warm, pale skin. This tactic works much better than his old one. Earning respect from men by doing favors has gotten him much more sexual contact than he could have ever dreamed possible. Clyde wished he could share this with every frustrated gay man. Serving was wonderful.

Post is fictional.


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