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I watch with big eyes, my throat dry, as his full heavy sac bounces and then tenses to spurt the seed out of his red and engorged cock. The way the skin slides up and down around the exposed tip is my favorite part. Love a boy with a fleshy cock, lot of extra space for him to get big and hard. Privately, I also love the way he moans when he cums and his eyelashes flutter. He’s a young stud in the sexual prime of his life. Masturbation like this is a necessity.

After he finishes, I cup those velvety balls and roll them in my hands until he’s too sensitive and asks me to stop. I drop my arm. The pants go back on. I take out my wallet and press two $20s into his hand. 
“Same time next week?”
“Yes,” he puts the money into his pocket.
As I refold my wallet, I glance at the photos of my wife and kids in the plastic sleeves. They can never know about this, about how it keeps me faithful to them. I’m just worried one day the handjobs won’t be enough anymore…and the craving for gay sex will return.

Post is fictional. This is Kris Evans of Bel Ami.


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