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Jonas paused mid swipe of the razor and glanced over at his beloved boy who had been sitting quite contently on the floor, staring up at him from behind his leather pup mask.
“You enjoying watching huh boy?”
Rocky nodded.
“You aren’t getting my cock, I have to go to work.”
Rocky gave such a loud whine that it made Jonas chuff out a laugh. “You don’t always get it just because it’s out. It’s not a toy that belongs to you.”
Rocky made a grumpy noise.
“You can look at me all you want though.”
“Not like I could stop you anyway.” Jonas finished shaving and washed his face off in the sink. He put on moisturizer and checked his skin. “Good.” Jonas reached for his clothes he’d put on the closed toilet seat earlier. He sifted through them.
“Where are my underwear?”
Rocky pretended to look around and shrugged.
He glanced at the floor and began to giggle; collapsing under the guilt immediately.
“Rocky, bring me my underwear. Now.”

Rocky was absolutely helpless against ‘the tone’. He padded off into the bedroom. After rustling through the dresser, he shuffled back in with a black pair in his mouth.
Rocky dropped them in Jonas’s hand.
“Wait.” Jonas held up a lace thong. “Rocky. These are your underwear.”
Rocky began to giggle again.
“I said bring me my underwear.”
Rocky refused to move.
“You are being a difficult pup today.”
More giggling.
Jonas handed them to Rocky. “Bring me my underwear, boy.”
Rocky took them in his mouth and dropped them at his feet.
Jonas thought about this. “Ok fine.” He put them on, but they were about two sizes too small and barely held anything. His balls about burst out like ripe plums; the root of his shaft was an inch exposed.
Woof,” Rocky said in a breathless gasp. His eyes fixated, he began to squirm and whimper.
“Nope, I told you, you’re not getting my cock.” Jonas began to pull on his khaki slacks, to Rocky’s astonishment. “You’re just going to have to think about me in this tiny lace thong all day. Which should be fun, since you’re not going to be wearing underwear yourself.”
“That should be messy, I mean, considering how far you are into chastity, you should be leaking all down your leg. I look forward to hearing about how wet and sticky you are when you get home from class.”
Rocky made a loud groan. He rushed back into the bedroom, brought Jonas a pair of boxer briefs, and dropped them on the floor of the bathroom.
“Nope. Too late.” Jonas put his shirt on. He pushed the briefs back at Rocky with his foot. “Put those away please. And you need to be dressed for breakfast. Are your Levi’s clean? I like how tight those are on you.”
Rocky threw his head back and groaned loudly at being defeated.

Captions are fictional.


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