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“Well I’m not super comfortable sending nudes over Grindr, but I’ll send you this picture of my butt in this red underwear I just got if that helps,” Jesse wrote.
“It might help.” Ray was on the fence if he wanted to leave the house tonight for a hook up.
“Oh I like the framing with the snake plant. You have a lot of plants?” Ray said.
Jesse texted back. “I have like 4. I’m newish to plants, though. You know about them? I think that snake plant needs to be repotted, and I’m kind of unsure how.”
“Oh ho. Look at this.” Ray sent a photo.
“GASP. Oh my GOD. You have a greenhouse??”
“It’s technically a small sun room. This was my grandmother’s house and she kept some plants in here; so when I inherited the house, I just continued …and here we are.”
“I am so jealous, they all look so healthy and gorgeous.”
“Thank you. They are my pride and joy. And listen, I would be happy to help you repot that plant of yours, but it is getting a bit late. Are you free tomorrow evening?”
“Yeah, I usually leave work about 5:30. I was going to make porkchops, if you want to come over? Or we can go out.”
“If you’re offering, I’d love that, I’ll bring a dessert,” Ray suggested.
Jesse sent a bunch of heart emojis. “Would love that, just not a fan of warm fruit, by the way.”
“Me neither. Send me a good time to head over and your address. And wear the red underwear.”
“You bet I will. ”

When the conversation ended, Jesse rolled over onto his back on the bed and clutched his phone to his chest. So a top wasn’t coming over to fuck him and do something about his horniness, but a plant daddy was coming tomorrow to breed him and he was thrilled. “I cannot believe my plants are going to get me laid.”

After Ray left the next night, Jesse got on his knees and gave the snake plant a big kiss on one of its leaves. “Enjoy your new pot, you earned it.”

Captions are fictional.


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