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John was staying overnight at Ryan’s house. It belonged to Ryan’s parents, but Ryan and his younger brother Matt rented it from them together as they attended the same college nearby, two years apart. John headed downstairs to get a glass of water for bed when he discovered he wasn’t the only one awake. Matt was shirtless on the sofa, hand in his sweatpants. From his vantage point on the stairs, John recognized the Sean Cody porn playing on Matt’s laptop. Ryan had mentioned his younger brother was gay, but wow! Bold! He wasn’t even using headphones.

“Ah fuck!” Matt yelped. He slammed the laptop shut and covered himself with a pillow.
“Sorry, sorry! I just came down for water,” John held his hands up and glanced away.
“I didn’t realize you were still awake. Fuck. God, I’m so embarrassed.”
“Don’t be. I’ve jerked off to the same shit.”
Matt stared at John and watched him walk into the kitchen. “So you are gay. I’ve always suspected.”
“Suspected? I gave gay voice, can’t you tell?”
“I can tell, but barely.”
John took a glass out of the cupboard. “Then you should have guessed.”
Matt had his gaze fixated on John. “Does that mean we can fool around? I’m so goddamny horny. I was texting with this guy I met on campus tonight, but he ghosted me.”
John chuckled as he filled a glass from the water dispenser in the fridge. He glanced at Matt over his shoulder. “Well, unfortunately, I’m also a bottom, so I don’t think it’d work out.”
Matt barked out a laugh. “Oh honey. No no no, you have it all wrong. I may be lithe and femme, but I’m definitely not a bottom.”

John froze mid-sip when he heard this. He hadn’t caught a nervous freshman jerking off in the living room at one in the morning – he had walked into the den of a hunter and become prey. Despite Ryan sleeping upstairs, John was ensnared. He felt helpless; this was too tempting to walk away from. He had to know if Matt was telling a lie just to get laid.  

John soon learned Matt was in fact telling the truth – he definitely was not a bottom.

Captions are fictional.


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