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Blake rests on the bed after his post-morning orgasm. From where he is on the bed, Blake can see into the bathroom. His houseboy Neil is putting a plug in. He usually showers after Blake leaves for work. Blake sighs. He counts the amount of times he had his houseboy service him in the last week. Then the last two weeks. Blake ran out of fingers on both hands. Blake stares at his hands. God, I’ve been so lazy. When did I go out last? When did I last have a hook up? I can’t remember the last time I even checked Grindr.

“Yes sir?” Neil replies.
“You can have the evening off. I’m going out after work.”
“Oh? That’s not on the schedule, what inspired that decision?”
“I have become a bit of a homebody. I think I need a change of scenery,” Blake explains.
“Would you like me to find you mdma or anything for your Friday night out?”
“No thank you, boy. But prepare for a guest. I may bring someone home.”
Neil nods. “I’ll plan for three for breakfast.”

Blake was putting on his coat to leave for work when his houseboy came downstairs with a duffel bag. “Here you’re going to need this.”
“What’s in here?” Blake asks as he took it.
“You can’t go out this evening dressed in your work clothes, Sir.”
Blake puts the strap over his shoulder and unzips the duffel. Inside is a mesh top, leather pants, his Doc Martens, and his leather harness. “How could I ever think to go in my work clothes,” he mutters to himself, a tad embarrassed. In the side pocket is condoms, electrolyte powder, and poppers. “You are a wonderful houseboy, thank you.” Blake kisses him on the lips.
“Thank you Sir.” Neil beams.

Blake walks to the car feeling taller. He couldn’t wait to get off work tonight. It had been too long since had gone hunting in the dark basements of techno clubs. He swore he would not return home alone. If things went really well, maybe three-for-breakfast could have a second meaning.

Captions are fictional.


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