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Steven was woken up at 2 in the morning with a gentle nudge and the sensation of someone climbing into his bed. “Roll over, I need your ass.”
Steven did as he was told. At first he wasn’t sure if this was Jason or Jack, they sounded as much as they looked alike, but as he felt the breech inside of him Steven could tell it was Jason just by the length.
“Damn girl wouldn’t put out tonight,” Jason grumbled. He grabbed a hold of Steven’s thighs and pounded him, grunting as he poured out his frustration into the tight heat of Steven’s ass. Steven was still half asleep but was kept awake by the heady sensation of arousal building with every thrust of Jason’s cock. He moaned softly. He loved feeling a man inside of him. If this was a dream, he waned it to stay this way.

Jason jackhammered his ass with hard smacks until he finished with a loud grunt and a hard upward thrust. “Fuck, fuck!” he hissed through clench teeth as he unloaded his blue balls up Steven. “Oh sweet lord in heaven, fuck. Yeah that’s it.” He pulled out until the head caught and then pushed in to the hilt. More cum shot out. Steven shuddered and broke out in goosebumps.
“Yeah that’s it. Fuck.” Jason exhaled. He sat back and pulled his cock out. Steven whined at the loss of it. Jason’s seed dripped down his ass. Jason gave one cheek a smack. “Thanks boy. You’re the best thing about this frat, seriously.”
“Uh – thank you,” Steven managed.
“Damn straight. Man, I feel better. Damn girl blue balled me. I don’t need her, fuck that.” Jason got off the bed and pulled on his pajama pants. “Thanks, see ya in the morning.” He left and closed the door behind him.
Steven laid down on the bed and groaned; it had been too short. He reached for the lube in his nightstand drawer and masturbated furiously until he came all over his his hand.
Steven woke up in the morning bleary and sticky. He didn’t mean to fall asleep like that, and he was grossed out when he realized it. What if one of the other guys in the frat came in to see him this morning and found him like this? Steven chided himself and hurried to strip the bed and get into the shower. Oh man, what if Jack made a rare visit this morning? There’s no way he’d fuck Steven if his brother’s load was still in him. Steven would have kicked himself if that was the case. What a pity it would be to lose a chance at Jack’s cock. Thing was tapered and felt like taking a traffic cone.
Steven put the sheets in the basket. Hm, Jack woke up at 8 right? If he hurried, he could be there to see if that magnificent cock needed some attention. Steven turned on the shower and wondered what the twins’ dad was like. He must be hung like a bull to produce studs like Jack and Jason! Steven was so lucky they were both in his frat. “I need to thank that man one day,” he said to himself as he got into the shower.

Captions are fictional.


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