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#Daniel Montoya

Cam exhaled. “Wait wait, do it again.”
“Yeah, pull it down and up again.”
Jake pulled the thong down and brought it up. “Like that?”
“Yeaaah… do it again.”
Jake grinned at Cam over his shoulder. He made a show about pulling the thong down while bending all the way over, making sure Cam could get a nice view of his hole and his balls. There was a groan behind him. Jake pulled the thong up slowly …slowly…until he was standing upright, and he made a dramatic show of lifting the thong back into place and letting the side straps sit on his hips. “How was that?”
“Well. I’m hard again.”
Jake barked out a laugh. “I’m flattered. How is that possible though you just fucked me five minutes ago. I’m pretty sure the condom in the trash is still warm.”
“I have no idea, but we still have one more condom right?”
Jake picked up the box. “Yeah we do. You serious, you want to go again?”
“Fuck yeah I do, get the lube and bend over the arm of the sofa.” Cam stood up and walked over while untying his sweatpants.
“I thought you wanted me to make dinner,” Jake teased as he rested his forearms on the arm of the sofa.
Cam grabbed a big handful of Jake’s ass. “This rump is my dinner.” He smacked it.
“God, I love it when you smack my ass like that.”
“Like this?” Cam did it again.
“Y-yeah. Fuck, now I’m hard. Bent over the arm of the sofa like this feels so slutty.”
“Wait until you’re being fucked over it.”
Jake put his head down and groaned. “Fuuuuck yeah, we’re doing it, fuck me again, Cam, fuck me!”
Captions are fictional.


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