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Richard watched as some British dude flirted with the really hot Norwegian guy he’s had longing for since he came to this small resort. It was excruciating to sit there and be casual. It felt rude to want something to go wrong, but watching them leave together would have been devastating. The trip had been a perfect week away, all it was missing was a textbook one night stand to round it out. Richard had caught the Norwegian guy checking out his ass in the breakfast buffet line earlier that week – he even blushed!- but he’d taken his food to go, so Richard hadn’t been able to make a move back.

Richard held his breath. It wasn’t going well. The British guy was getting annoyed. He was pushy. Richard found himself holding his breath. Norwegians don’t like conflict. The British man should have left after the first “no thank you”. Richard’s heart was hammering. He suddenly realized there was an opening, a very small opening, to resolve this whole situation. It would the boldest thing he’d ever done, and he had to simply take action, because any second longer lingering on the idea and the door to this opportunity would close.

“Here it goes,” he muttered to himself. Richard stood up, stripped out of his wet Speedo, and walked to the two man.
“Excuse me,” Richard interrupted. Both men looked at him with raised eyebrows. Richard handed the Norwegian man his wet Speedo. “Please come give this back to me. Room 741.” And he walked off. There was silence behind him. Richard didn’t dare look back.

Once he got off the dock, he covered himself with his hand and walked back to the hotel with his hand over his crotch. There were plenty of eyes on his body, and one whistle, but he made it to the elevator without a scene. Another man in the elevator asked him to move his hand. Richard did. The man considered Richard’s genitals with the manner of an appraiser. He nodded. “Nice,” he said, then got off the elevator on the 5th floor.

Richard went back to his room and showered. He was putting on lotion when there was knock at the door. His heart began to hammer again. He answered with his boxers on, trying to appear calm when inside the butterflies in his stomach were having a rave.
“Oh hello,” Richard said to the blond Norwegian. He had a small leather bag slung over his shoulder, but other than that he was just wearing swim boxers. and sandals
The Norwegian had a rather amused smirk on his face. “I’ve been told to give these back to you.” He held out Richard’s wet Speedo.
Richard tried to kept his face in check. “Ah yes, I was wondering where I put that, thank you. Do please come in.” He took the Speedo and threw it into the bathroom sink. “How can I repay you at all for finding that for me?”
The Norwegian reached into the bag and pulled out a condom.
Richard broke character with a pleased but sheepish grin. “I would love to repay you that way. Been wanting to bottom for you since I saw you downstairs.”
“And I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I saw you downstairs.”
Richard took that moment to reach for him, to kiss him, and he hungrily returned the kiss. Clothes came off and the Norwegian guided Richard to the bed. There were some other things in that bag – things that stretched, vibrated, and lubricated – which turned the hook-up into a long session

Richard also got to learn some fun new Norwegian phrases that he couldn’t use in public.

Captions are fictional.


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