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Sometimes you don’t know whether you are going up or down.  

“Well, that was a lovely night out, but I am exhausted. I was going to take a bath, but I think I’ll fall asleep in there.” Aiden dropped his slacks and draped them over a chair.
“I’m worn out too. I can’t believe we’ve never eaten at that restaurant before.”
“Ne neither. That chocolate cake was incredible. The presentation of it alone!”
Finn hung his suit jacket in the closet and unbuttoned his shirt. It went into the laundry. “It did taste good, but I wasn’t looking at the food, as much I was looking at you. As was everyone else.”
Aiden gave Finn a demure look. “Were they?”
“They were. You looked stunning in that lace top and black slacks, and the scarf made it so classy. They all were jealous of you.” Finn put his slacks on the hanger and pulled on some sweatpants.
Aiden’s cheeks turned pink. “I was busy looking at you.”
“You. I wanted to kiss every cake crumb off your lip.” 
Finn walked up to Aiden and put his hands on his waist. “I wanted to take my foot out of my shoe and run it up your leg the whole time. It was hard to behave myself.”
“Maybe that’s why we don’t go out too much? All we end up wanting is to come back to the bedroom, it seems.”
Finn chuffs air out of his nose. “I think that’s more true than I want to think.” He dipped his hand and cupped Aiden. “Oh the lace is a little wet. Were you straining in your chastity device during dinner, princess?”
Aiden exhaled. “Very much,” he admitted. “It’s been tight all day. I almost didn’t wear the lace underwear because my balls are so full they almost spill out.”
“Is that why you didn’t wear the leather pants?”
“Yes, cause it would have been obvious.” 
“If you had done that, I would not behaved at all during dinner. I don’t think we would have made it out of the car” Finn pushed his hand between skin and lace and palmed Aiden’s testicles in his hand. “You are properly full and searing hot.”
Aiden whimpered and grasped onto Finn’s arms as Finn gently pulled and caressed.
“Look at that,” Finn murmured. “Leaking more. God you smell good.” Finn kissed Aiden and Aiden melted back. 
“I need you,” Aiden whispered.
Finn withdrew his hand to soft complaints. He licked his fingers. “Get undressed, love. I believe there’s some charge left on the vibrator still. I don’t want you to orgasm, but I can relieve a lot of that pressure.”
“I really really want to cum,” Aiden whispered.
Finn pressed a soft kiss to Aiden’s cherubic lips. “I have faith you will have your first hands-free orgasm in your device soon. Let’s save it until then.”
“I won’t last,” Aiden said.
“You have so far, and done it with grace. Once we relieve some of this pressure, it’ll be more tolerable.” Finn sat on the bed. “Finish undressing princess, I don’t want to tear your lace in bed. I know it was expensive.”
Aiden groaned. “You drive me insane.”
Finn chuckled. “You love it though don’t you? You’ve never yet asked me to unlock you once.” 
Aiden blushed. He shyly turned away from Finn instead without answering and slowly stripped off his lingerie.

Captions are fictional. The person I reblogged this from is the original poster and he has some really beautiful portraits on his Tumblr, I recommend following. 


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