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Homemade giant cinammon roll with cream cheese frosting

RJ studied the beautiful cinnamon rolls his houseboy made, impressed with the golden brown and the perfect scent. It was impossible, however, to ignore the fact that the frosting looked a lot like something else. And there was more than normal.
“Yes Sir?”
“How horny are you right now?”
Morris shot him a look. “Gosh golly, I don’t know, I haven’t had access to my cock for a week, what makes you think I’m horny?”
“You told me you really weren’t that horny.”
Morris scoffed.
“Oh I get what’s happening.” RJ folded his arms and grinned. “You’ve been trying to hide it. You don’t want me to know how horny you are.”
“That is totally not what is happening.” Morris made a sweeping gesture with his hand.
“You made a whole deal that chastity was noooooooo big deal, that anyone could do it. You were making fun of Sam on the ride home, how utterly fucking horny and needy he was. You’re afraid you’re going to end up like that.”
“Pppffttt, that. That is lies, that’s what that is.” Morris busied himself with the dishes.
“Your dildo was moved recently. You’ve been using it on yourself when I’m not around aren’t you?”
Morris blushed. “I moved it for cleaning.”
“Cause you used it.”
“No! I’m fine.”
“You can’t expect me to believe that you’re not horny at all,” RJ replied.
“I never said I wasn’t. It’s just like, garden variety. I’m not all desperate and slutty like Sam was,” Morris clarified.
“So what if you were? I think it’d be pretty hot.”
“Well you can go fuck Sam then.”
RJ grinned. “My, you are bitchy. This chastity experiment is fun.”
“Fun for you maybe.” Morris grumbled.

RJ reached over and turned off the water.
“Hey! What are you doing?”
“Fucking you.” RJ untied his houseboy’s sweatpants and let them drop.
RJ prevented Morris from picking them up and put his hands on the counter. He pulled Morri’s hips backwards to make his ass stick out. With a quick motion, he undid his own pants and freed his cock. There was no time to hunt for lube, so kitchen oils had to do.

Ignoring Morris’s protests, RJ got himself into position and took his boy right against the counter. The noises were more beautiful than Christmas bells. Morris’s body was kinetic in his hands, pushing back against RJ, moving with RJ, all taut and electric. He begged for it harder, deeper. Morris’s head drooped and vowels poured from his throat with each deep thrust.

The sound of the lock bouncing off the sleeve of the chastity cage drove RJ nuts. The orgasm hit him so hard he saw black spots in his vision, and his fingers would leave red marks on RJ’s hips for two days after.

As the rush left him, RJ began to feel a bit of sympathy for his pent up houseboy who was brimming with lust. He stroked Morris’s balls and the base of his shaft until milk flowed and dripped on the floor. The moaning only excited RJ again, and he fucked his houseboy a second time. Afterwards? Morris was cooled down with frozen peas and the sweatpants went back on, only this time he was properly plugged so he could finish his cleaning without making another mess. He would learn that this is what sex meant for him now.

Captions are fictional.


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