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You gasp and cover your mouth with your hand.
Sun beams. “I was sad that you were sad that we did not have a Christmas tree, because you cannot buy real ones here of course. So I ordered lights, and I made one anyway.”
You stare at the bright glow, mesmerized. Warm feelings of childhood holidays surge. “Oh Sun, it’s so festive. It’s beautiful. Thank you I love -” You suddenly have noticed what he’s wearing. “You bought a Santa hat too?”
He grins. “Yes. I am an elf, here to help give you Christmas cheer.”
“They have elves in Singapore?”
“Yes, from the South Asian Division. Very elite placement. Not cold here.”
You giggle. “Look at you. You’re so adorable. And also sexy. Red is such your color…” You walk up to him so you can ran your hands up his body. The man’s stomach is a wall of muscle.  “Are you my Christmas present?”
“I can be if you want.”
You dip your head to kiss him. “Can I open it early?”
Sun begins to unbutton your shirt. “Only if I can open something too.”

Captions are fictional


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