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Rogan Richards and Landon Conrad | MENatPLAY’s Rufdup

“You are always in a hurry to get out of here,” Axel remarked.
“I have a date.”
“With a woman?”
“None of your business.”
Axel snickered. “So, a woman. Is that part of your roleplay? You put on the suit, tighten the tie, cut your hair- look at this hairline. Crisp as a Marine. Is that what you sell to a girl? A straight-edged businessman? That’s not who you are.” Axel lowered his voice. “Women are not what you like.
Tom swatted Axel’s hand away. “Don’t tell me who I am or what I like. You need to grow up Axel. Playing a bad boy is cute when you’re 20, but do you think it’s still cute at 30? You need to quit roleplaying Fonzi and start acting like an adult.”
“You sound defensive,” Axel replied. “And what is this implication that growing up means dating women and denying what you like?”
“See, if you joined the real world, you’d understand. The world works in a certain way, and it benefits you to play by those rules.”
Axel sighed. “Yeah but they’ll turn on once they realize you’re not one of them. It’s a waste of time. I’m not going to be inauthentic to please someone else. And what does it matter what we do in private anyway? And why deny yourself that fun while you’re young? You don’t magically stop liking fun once you turn 20. You used to get so turned by the smell of my leather jacket, Tom. You loved when I wore it and pressed it against you.” He cupped Tom’s ass, which startled him.
“Let me fuck you like we used to. Get you niiiiiice and relaxed for your date tonight. Don’t want to spend the whole night thinking of the busboy do you?”
“Axel – just, leave me alone, please,” Tom begged.
Axel digested this. A moment later, Tom heard the zipper of the jacket being undone.
Goosebumps broke out on Tom’s arms. He swallowed.
Tom didn’t answer.
Axel reached around Tom’s waist and undid his belt.
“Are you hard?”
Tom was sweating hard under his arms. “Axel,” he croaked.
Axel slid his fingers along the Tom’s bulge as he undid the zipper. “You are a bit hard.”
Tom’s heart was racing. “Axel please-”
Axel gripped the waistband of Tom’s pants. “You can say stop right now, and I’ll stop. But you better mean it. I mean, really mean it. Or I’ll keep going.”
Tom was silent. “Axel…”‘
“Do you want me to stop?”
Tom’s breathing was heavy, but he said nothing.
Axel made a noise of approval from this throat. He pushed down Tom’s pants and bent over him the bench of the gym, pressing his leather jacket to Tom’s back and purred in his ears. “I’m going to reward you for making the right decision. Wonder if you’re still tight, since haven’t done this in a while.” He opened the lid of the lube. “I have a feeling you are.”

Captions are fictional.


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