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“God, dammit,” Tanner curses. “This code looks like shit. I swear he’s farming his work out to college kids. I’m gonna have to bring this up if Mr. Reeves doesn’t, I swear. If I have to delay this launch because of this bullshit, I am going to hulk out.”
I suppose I need to announce my presence instead of just gazing adoringly at the way the mid-morning sun has cast dramatic shadows across the gorgeous musculature of his torso and ass. I knock on the doorframe. Tanner glances at me. 
“Oh, hi Nadir. Sorry, was I being loud?”
“Not unnecessary. Everything alright pup?”
He sighs. “Yeah, just – my coworkers are idiots and my boss has no spine. Just frustrated.”
I reveal what I’m holding enveloped in my hand. “Will a few minutes in the back yard make you feel better?”
Tanner fingers stop typing as he fixates on the green object. “You have my ball.”
“I do. Five minutes maybe?”
Tanner bites his lip in thought. He glances at the screen. “Yeah they can wait. They waste enough of my time.”
“Atta boy.”

Tanner follows me out to the backyard. The acreage is mostly wide, instead of deep, and I can lob that ball almost the length of it, sending him bolting. Or, sometimes, I’ll launch it into the atmosphere, and watch Tanner dance around trying to see where it’s going to come down. It’s often better entertainment than watching television. 

It’s late spring, and within a few minutes we’re panting and there’s a sheen to our foreheads. Tanner throws the ball back to me and puts his hands on his thighs so he can catch his breath.
“Worn out?”
“Getting warn out here.”
“It is.”
“Sun feels good though.” Tanner stretches as he walks toward me. “I think I need to get back to work though. A ‘brb’ only lasts so long.”
“I understand that. Do you feel better?”
“Yeah. I do. Feel more relaxed, thanks, Sir.”
“You’re welcome. Sometimes taking care of your pup is guess work. Glad to have guessed right.” I take off my shirt and wipe his forehead, so I can kiss it.
Tanner smiles. He takes my shirt from me and smells it. 
“Am I getting my shirt back?” I ask.
“No,” he replies. His eyes are creased in the corners and he has a sparkle there.
We walk back into the house together. “Well. When you are done with work for the day, I’ll ask for it back.”
“That’s fair.”

We get something to drink, and he goes back to work. I wait patiently until he is done for the day. When Tanner leaves the guest room where his “office” was, I am standing outside. 

“Oh hi Sir.”
“Shirt.” I hold out my hand.
Tanner hands it back with a teenage-level sigh. “Good boy.” I toss it over my shoulder, and immediately pin him to the wall next to the doorframe. I hold him there with a forceful kiss. Tanner makes a noise of surprise and presses his hands against my pecs. I push my pelvis against his and his body sticks to me like a magnet. Tanner rocks against me. I trail kisses down to his neck.
“You wanna move this to the bedroom?”
“No – don’t wanna stop.”
I shove my hand down Tanner’s underwear and run my fingers down his shaft, which is now firm and taut under the fabric.
Tanner whimpers and thrusts against my hand. As much as I hoped to fuck him, I begin to appreciate his choice. His cock feels wonderfully warm in my palm, pulsating and dripping. I can feel every muscular twitch of his body, and the thrum of his heart. Tanner is starting to sweat, and his smell drives me insane. I need to collar him, so next time we do this, I can grab onto it. No one makes me see red like Tanner. The urge to dominate him turns me into a beast. 

I yank Tanner’s underwear down so I can have more room to play with him. He begs for me to keep stroking. I do, slow and teasing, caressing my calloused fingerpads against his cockhead until he is baying.
“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”
“Cum, pup. Shoot on the floor.” I switch my grip to a fist and pump him from base to tip.  
Tanner cries out and wetness spills over my fist as I bring him over the edge. He throws back his head. His grip bruises my arm. I could hear the splatters on the floor and nearly come myself. I’m not focused on my own pleasure though – that will come later. In this sliver of time, nothing matters more than milking Tanner’s cock dry.

Tanner breathes heavily and looks at me from under heavy lids. “Wow.”
“All out, let’s get it aaaalll out boy.” 
“Feels so good, Nadir. Sir.”
I press my fingers into the base of his cock, right above his balls. I’m rewarded with a few more drips.
"S-sir it’s sensitive!”
“And going soft.” I cup his balls for one more touch and drop my hand.
Tanner kisses me. “That was unexpected, but wow. Amazing. Thank you Sir.”
“It was my pleasure.” I toss the shirt on the floor to clean up the cum. 
“Nooo not the shirt.” He starts to bend down for it.
“Leave it. Leave it.” I pick the garment up with my toes. 
Tanner sighs. “Fine.” He pulls his underwear back up. 
“You can leave them off.”
Tanner shrugs and drops the underwear. He bends to pick them up, but I snatch them out of his hand. 
“Ha mine!” I shout.
“SIR! That was SO sneaky! Wait. Leave it!”
“Doesn’t work on me, pup!”
“Siiiiiiiiiiir!” Tanner chases me into the kitchen, then the living room, where he catches me; and we have a proper wrestle before our stomachs rumble and we run out of energy. I make him his favorite mac-n-cheese and hot dogs for dinner, despite it not being my preference; I must be addicted to my pup’s smile.

Captions are fictional.


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