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“Oh hey, welcome home. By the way, your latest one night stand came by. He dropped something off for you while you were at work.”
Luke sets his bag on the counter and walks over to the small white box his roommate had pointed to. “Ryan?”
“I dunno his name. He was blond.”
“Probably Ryan. I was gonna ask if he returned stolen underwear or something like that last guy, but this doesn’t look like a box you return underwear in. Looks like a donut box.”
“It has the label of a pastry company on it.”
“Did he send me a cake??” Luke asks.
“Looks like it.”
“Huh.” Luke opens the box and dissolves into laughter. His cheeks turn red.
“What? What does it say?” The roommate walks over to peer into the box. He snorts. “Wow. That’s quite something. Apparently you’re a stud.”
“Send out an official decree – I have the best cock in all the land,” Luke jokes as he snaps a photo with his phone. Satisfied, he sets his phone down and opens the drawer for a knife. “I really hope this is cream filled.”

Captions are fictional.


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