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Otis stares at the picture for far too long and texts back. “Putting off your chores are we?”
“No, I’m done! I cleaned the floor, and now I’m rolling on it in front of the mirror. I like how I look in this jock strap, I wanted to see how it looks from the bottom.”
“It looks quite squishy in the best way possible,” Otis responds back. “The black is perfect color against your skin.”
“Thank you, I like it too. I could wear this all day, it fits so well. Although rolling on the floor makes me feel like I’m Madonna…although this isn’t quite a wedding dress. Can I have a wedding dress?” 
“You’re a rather unusual boy aren’t you?”
“LOL. Mother used to say I’m ‘special’.” 
“Your mother was right.”
“Oh oh Otis! Can I have a wedding dress? I’ll go as Madonna for Halloween!!”
“Oh dear god in heaven, Michael. Don’t- I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you – there is a strong chance you won’t make it outside until Thanksgiving.”
Michael laughs at his phone. “Well you can defile me in it first so I look properly mussed. It’ll help with the ‘80s hair. OH OTIS. You know what this means. You have to go as Boy George.”
Otis groans out loud. “No, Michael, no. Why not Bon Jovi? or George Michael”
“Because your hair is too long, you’d have to cut it. And they’re not distinguishable enough. You’re perfect for Boy George. Boy George and Boy Madonna – it’s absolutely perfect. Please please please?”

Otis was rubbing his temples when his phone rang. “Oh hi Roy…. No, no bother. I am at work, but I’m taking a break in the garden. Just talking to Michael…. Oh Michael? He’s fine, but clearly losing his mind. He wants to go as Madonna for Halloween, and he wants me to go as Boy George, which will never work …why are you laughing? No, don’t agree with him! No, we will not encourage this. …I’m sorry, what do you mean that you can go as Axl Rose? Fuck, you would be perfect as him too…”

Captions are fictional.


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