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“What are you looking at boy?”
“A big bird just went overheard Sir. I think it was a Cooper’s hawk.”
“Wow, you’re getting good at identifying them.”
“Thanks to you sir. I seem to have a lot more free time than normal to do stuff like look at birds, and I think it’s cause your efforts to refocus my energy are working.”
Sir smiles. “Not wasting hours jerking off or looking for porn to jerk off to?”
“Not as much as I used to. Or spending all that time looking through Grindr.”
Sir claps him on the shoulder. “I’m glad you’re learning that just because you’re a bit horny, doesn’t mean it needs to occupy your entire day.”
“It really doesn’t. Been challenging not jerking off, though, but I kind of like feeling a bit slutty all the time. And man, when we finally have sex? Damn it’s been on fire lately!”
“On fire? Well that’s damn good to hear. I have noticed that too, you’re definitely making me sweat more. You’re much more eager.
“I think it’s cause I actually need cock, not that I think I do.”
“I think you hit the nail on the head, boy. Say, what kind of bird is that?”
“Uhhhh. Red winged black bird.”
“Damn. You are good.” I smack him on the butt. “Ready to do some laps?”
“Yes Sir! Hey uh, can I wash you off in the shower later? I don’t care if anyone sees me to do it…”
“Only if you beat me.” Sir grins. But he knew he’d let his boy wash him anyway.

Captions are fictional.


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