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Glen crossed a chore off the list. He puffed out his cheeks. He walked around the room. He looked at the portraits and art on the wall. He paced around. He did some stretches and some squats. Glen sat in an arm chair. He stared out into the room. He puffed out his cheeks again. “Yeah, no.” 

Glen got up and picked up his phone. He dialed a number. “Hey Sam. Yeah. I can’t. I can’t do this. I’m too horny to do anything. Where’s the key?”
Sam began to chuckle. “Cracked huh.”
“Where is it.” Glen whimpered.
“Are you in physical pain or feel any numbness?”
“Uh. No.”
“You’re fine.” Sam replied. “Did you get anything done today?”
“Yeah. Most. Just too distracted to do the rest.”
“I told you this would be a learning process. This part is mind over matter. I’ll be home in a couple hours. Get your work done.”
“But – but you said I could get unlocked from this chastity thing if I wanted!”
“Well, yes. If you are demanding it, I won’t deny you the location of the key. But I sense you will regret this. You’re having a moment of weakness. You told me you were a tough guy, you could get past this. You just want to jerk off, but nothing bad will happen if you don’t, except I think you’ll feel disappointed at yourself when you’re done. Mind over matter, Glen. You can make it until I get home, then we’ll have some fun ok?”
Glen paced around the apartment. “But how can I get anything done when I’m this horny now?”
“Sit on a bag of peas. Or you know, you could get brave and play with that toy I got you.”
“That is never going to fit up me,” Glen insisted.
Sam snorted. “It’s almost the same size as me hard. You know that right?”
“No way. That’s no true.”
“It is, that’s why I bought it, you silly boy. Well, even if it scares you, sit on some peas or take a cold shower and cool off. Funnel those hormones into something productive ok?”
“You really think I can do this?”
“What? Yes, Glen. I do. I have to go. You’ll be ok.”
Glen sighed. “Fine. Until you get home. Love you.”
“Love you, bye.”

Glen hung up the phone. HIs cock was pulsing in the steel prison. “How in the fuck did he talk me out of that? Goddammit, there better be peas in his fridge.” Glen stomped over to the kitchen and pulled open the freezer door. “Well, at least there’s peas and – oooo Fudgesicles!”

Captions are fictional.


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