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Jesse slid the pillow cases back on the pillows and tossed them onto the bench. Unsatisfied, he fluffed and adjusted them. They hadn’t need to be washed really, but Jake had dripped yogurt all over them. Jesse studied his work and arched his back with his hands on his hips. He sat down with a sigh and leaned against the pillows. The warm sun felt nice on his face, so Jesse closed his eyes. He brought his socked feet up onto the bench and let his body relax.

The next thing he knew, Jess was being gently shaken awake. “Jess.”
“Mnnn. Wha?” Jesse’s butt was numb and his body was too warm, but moving seemed impossible.
“The school bus is gonna be here any minute. I figured you’d rather me wake you up then a bunch of screaming kids.”
Jesse’s dropped his lead feet to the ground and swung himself upright. “The bus? Is it that late?” Jesse blearily looked at his wristwatch and rubbed his eyes; his contacts felt dry. “Oh my god it can’t be that late. I have so much to do today. How could I fall asleep?”
“Because you needed the rest. I think you still do. Come on, go lie down. I’ll wake you up for dinner.”
“No I can make dinner.” Jess yawned so much his voice cracked.
“We’ll be ok without you. Come on.” Luke helped Jess go vertical and walked him down the hall to their bedroom. Jess slumped on the bed like a dead weight. Luke pulled off his socks and began to undo his belt.
“I like where this is going,” Jesse joked. “Even if you smell like horses.”
“Get some energy up later, then we can do something about it. I’ll have showered by then.” Luke bent over to steal a quick kiss and then stole the belt.
“I wouldn’t even care if you didn’t. Man, my contacts are super dry.”
Luke walked over to the dresser; Jesse’s grandfather had carved it. He located a pair of soft cotton pants and threw them toward Jesse. “Put these on, I’ll get your contact lens case.”

Jesse yawned again and struggled to change out of his jeans. Luke was relieved his husband went to bed without a fight. By the time he closed the door, the bus had dropped the kids off. Luke came downstairs to a hurricane of dogs and backpacks and shoes and ponytails needing to be fixed and demands for snacks.

Not even two years married, they were juggling raising their adopted daughter Nancy with the needs of getting their farm started. Then, Covid hit. Luke’s brother and sister in law both died; the couple were against the vaccines. They were also against gay people and “groomers”. But despite the size of the Reynolds family, only Luke offered to take all three of their kids. Overnight, a family of three began a family of six. Although intimidated, Luke was buoyed by seeing Jesse so happy. He’d always wanted a large family and gave up that dream when he realized he would be seeking a husband instead of a wife. 

Having four kids under eight years old in one house though was like living through a tornado every day. The work of the farm never ceased. The first snow had just fallen. There were a lot of worries. About the crops. About horses. About food. About income. But Luke didn’t stress. He took it one thing at a time. They were all together, and that’s what mattered.

Luke reminded the children to put away their coats and shoes properly. He pulled out some beans, rice, cheese, and tortillas, and let them make some burritos to fill them up before being sent out for their evening chores. Darkness was coming earlier and earlier now, and and Luke wanted them to get used to doing the winter chores before it got dark. 

Jesse came downstairs after Elsie and Troy had been put to bed, but before Nancy and Jake. He was promptly rushed for hugs and peppered with questions about why he went to sleep so early. 
Luke extracted his husband from the clutches of the two older children and shoved a bowl of soup and bread in front of Jess. “Energy for later?” he winked.
“Oh yes. Thank you. I will need this.” Jesse devoured it, despite the steam constantly fogging up his glasses.

An hour later, the house lights on the first floor were turned off. The couple were both tired and sore from work, but the urges and needs left neglected demanded attention.
Jesse pulled Luke down to the bed and on top of him. Luke’s bathrobe fell away. Jesse wiggled out of his pajama pants and parted his knees to welcome Luke between him. Luke grabbed a pillow and stuck it under Jesse’s butt, which was sculpted from having spent so many years in a saddle.
Luke rocked against Jesse until he seriously considered just spending himself there and then, but instead reached for the lube to give Jesse what he wanted. Once prepared, Luke pushed the man’s legs back and moved to be inside him without hesitation. He was glad he postponed climaxing earlier. Jesse’s body was hungry for him and it felt like heaven. It didn’t take long at all until the bed creaked and they cried out together through clenched teeth. 

Jesse had been so lost in feeling the waves of utter ecstasy

as Luke moved that he couldn’t feel the bed below him. He had no trouble falling back asleep afterwards. 

Jesse woke up before dawn. Invigorated, he lifted some weights, showered, and let the dogs out. He settled in the kitchen to make breakfast muffins and start food prep for the next few days. Jesse had taken the first batch out when he heard footsteps on the stairs. 
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Oh hi Daddy. Good morning.”
“Good morning, Nancy. You’re up early.”
“I needed to pee. And something smells really good.”
Jesse smiled. “Made some super good muffins this morning. Pumpkin apple oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar.”
“Can I have one?”
“In a minute, once they’re cool. Would you like some tea?”
She nodded. Jesse was determined to teach their children better habits than chugging soda when you’re thirsty. Jesse turned to start a pot of it, and also set the coffee maker for Luke.
Nancy pulled herself on a bar stool. At seven years old, it wasn’t too hard for her. “Daddy?” 
“Yes love?”
She wrapped a strand of hair around her finger. “There were some strange noises coming from your room last night. What were you doing in there?” Nancy tilted her head. “Daddy why is your face so red?”

“Sweetheart, why were you awake?”
“I was reading my Dinotopia book and was looking at the pictures.”
“That’s not something you were supposed to be hearing, and I’m sorry we bothered you. I was having private time with your father, I’ll explain it when you’re older.”
Nancy considered this. “Were you having sex?”
Jesse spilled coffee grounds all over the counter. “Nancy Lane, how do you know about that?”
She giggled. “I know about that stuff. I’m a big girl. I saw Buster do sex to Penny in the paddock this spring. Papa said that’s how Starlight was made. Buster made a lot of weird noises too.” Nancy made an “ew” face and whispered. “I could see his thing.”
Jesse ran his hand over his face. “I am going to murder my husband. Sweetheart, please don’t think about Papa and I having sex and definitely don’t think about horses having sex, ok? It’s not right at your age.”
“I won’t. I don’t want to. It’s gross. I just want to know – I’m not going to have another baby brother or sister right?”
Jesse snorted. “No. Definitely not.”
“Oh, good. I know I wanted someone to play with, but maybe I shouldn’t have asked so much. It’s already noisy with three. If I had FOUR siblings, it’d be SO much noise!” She pressed her palms to her cheeks.
Jesse snickered. She really was an exasperated 40 year old New Yorker trapped in a 7 year old girl’s body. “You’ll grow to appreciate having lots of siblings. Although, it’s nice and quiet in here now isn’t it?”
Nancy’s gaze drifted to the first rays of dawn light emerging outside the big bay window of the living room. “Yeah.” She put her head down on her folded arms on the counter. “It’s nice.”
Jesse smiled. He passed her a cup of tea and gave her a fresh, warm muffin spread with butter. Eventually Luke came downstairs with Troy, freshly changed and sleepy. Luke kissed Nancy; he put Troy in his high chair and came around to hug Jesse from the back. “Hey gorgeous. Sleep well?”
“Like a rock.” Jesse subtly pushed his butt against Luke. 
Luke nuzzled him. “Did you make muffins?”
“I did.”
“Yes baby?” Luke replied.
“Daddy is mad you told me what sex is. I heard you guys last night while I was reading Dinotopia. You sounded like Buster.” She dissolved into giggles.
“Oh dear lord.” Jesse groaned with embarrassment. It didn’t help that he could feel Luke’s entire body shaking with laughter against him.
“Sweetheart, please go get ready for school.”

Captions are fictional.


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