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Kane was distracted by his friend’s antics in the water, until he realized his boy wasn’t swimming around him. He spun around and was alarmed to spot Nate scaling the cliffs – in sandals!  “BOY! Down! Now.”
Nate’s shoulders tensed as he heard Kane’s voice barking at him. He was busted. “Sorry Sir, coming down right now.”
Kane waded over to the waterfall as close as he could to the rocks. It would be hard to catch Nate if he slipped, but at least he had a chance. “Be careful, pup.”
Nate tried to go down but when his foot didn’t find traction on moss, he hesitated. He took off his sandals. “Can I throw them down to you Sir?”
“Yes lad.” Kane held out his hands and caught each of the sandals . He watched Nate pick his way down the rocks until he was standing in a shallow, ankle deep spot between the waterfall and the pool. Kane looked up at him. “Why did you do that pup?” He handed Nate his sandals back.
“I saw a bird go over there.”
Kane gestured. “Do you think that was safe?”
Nate looked over his shoulder. “No Sir,” he muttered. He slipped into the waist-deep pool and put his sandals on a branch.
Kane put an arm around Nate and kissed his temple. “Thank you for coming down, I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Nate giggled. “Your beard tickles It’s so long now.”

Rob waded over. “Man, how do you get Nate to listen to you like that? Comes to you better than my own dog.”
“Well he is a good pup.” Kane ruffled his hair.
“But the truth, Rob, is that I’m a very lucky man. Because I have been entrusted with the love and care of a beautiful boy that loves to submit to men and be rewarded for obeying. His body responds to me before his mind even makes the decision to. Never had a boy take to training so well.”
“Siiirr,” Nate hissed, face turning red.
“It’s true,” Kane insisted. 
“I guess he comes when called, but he’s still a bit of a risk taker huh,” Rob said.

Kane chuckled. “He is. But that’s what makes playing with him fun. Except you know, when I take him on outside adventures, he gets a little excited and needs to be reigned in sometimes.” 
“You thought of putting him on a leash?” Rob teased.
“Oh when we go to Folsom and other BDSM events, he’s on a leash. Not just to keep him from getting distracted by shiny things, but also to send a clear signal he’s mine first. Don’t want burly men grabbing his pert little ass. Unless well, we want them to…”
“Oh Sir, stop please you’re turning me on!” Nate begged.
Rob and Kane shared a laugh. 
“I have to agree with you Kane,” Rob said, “He sure sounds like a good pup.”
“I think I’m gonna go climb the waterfall again,” Nate said. His ears were now red too.
Kane hooked his fingers in Nate’s shorts. “Nooope. No you don’t!”

Captions are fictional.


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