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“So anyway,” Tanner lights the clove cigarette. “He begs me to come on this trip. It’s a LBGT friendly resort. Clothing option. It’ll be fun, he says, off the grid, river fun, camping, you name it. And yeah, it’s a lot of fun being stuck out in the woods after you catch your boyfriend sleeping with another guy he met last night.”
“That really sucks. Did he drive here?”
“Yep.” Tanner exhales. “I’m gonna see if I can find an early ride out.”
“Are you not enjoying the camping experience?”
“I mean, I was having a good time. I was even starting to feel glad I came. Stupid me. Now every time I’m at camp it’s awkward as hell.”
“Well, why don’t you come join our campsite?”
Tanner looks at me and takes another drag. “Yours? But there’s like four people in your group.”
“We got two tents, Maureen puts the seats down and sleeps in her car, so I got a lot of room in mine. We got more than enough food, chip in if you want. Just bring your sleeping bag. Or you know, share mine.”
Tanner chuckles. “I was hoping you’d say that.”
“I was hoping you wouldn’t think it was too forward of me to ask. You have a stunning body.”
The corner of Tanner’s mouth lifts a little. “Why thank you. You know, Will always compared himself to me. He liked to say negging things like – oh my shirt is a little loose on you, oh I think you can lift this, but if you can’t, I got it.” He exhaled. “What did I ever see in that douchebag.”
“Maybe you were blinded by his winning smile.”
Tanner snorts. “Maybe.” He puts the cigarette out. “Alright, if it’s ok with your camp friends, I’d like to join your group. I’ll pay you back with my butt.”
I caress it with my hand and move my palm down his thigh. “Incredible. Solid beef.”
Tanner blushes. “Thank you. Um, if I may ask…what happened to your leg?”
“Motorcycle accident. My foot was basically detached and the ankle was destroyed so they took it below the knee.”
“Wow. Looks cool though.”
I gesture to the part where it attaches to my body. “There’s sensors in here that read the electrical impulses from my muscles and move with me. It’s incredible.”
Tanner whistles. “Wow, before I was going to tell everyone this trip was defined by being cheated on, but now I get to tell everyone I slept with a bionic man.”

I grin. “Well you have to actually sleep with me before you say that.”

Tanner stands up and stretches. “I think that’ll be a fun post S’mores activity don’t you think?”
“Kissing you will be delicious.”
Tanner smiles. “I like you. I’m glad we met. What’s, um, what’s your name again?”

I laugh. “Valentin. Most people call me Val.”
“Nice to meet you Val.” We shake hands. 
“I’m gonna go get my stuff.”
“I’ll come help.”

We walk off chatting. Tanner seems to be in a much better mood. I hang back a bit to stare at his ass. I can’t believe my luck – his ex had to be an idiot for letting this boy go!

Captions are fictional.


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